Batgirl: Michael Keaton back as Batman after the movie The Flash?

Batgirl: Michael Keaton back as Batman after the movie The Flash?
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Credits: Warner Bros., ScreenRant.

According to Warner, Michael Keaton is going to join the cast of the film Batgirl.

since his return cinema, michael keaton Definitely a very busy man! While the actor recently confirmed his return to the shared Marvel and Sony universe, the American actor will also be featured in the DC film. flamboyant, In it, the actor will slip back into a Batman costume in front of Andy Muschietti’s camera. However, that’s not all as Warner announced that Michael Keaton was also to join the HBO Max project which was focused on bat girl, Currently filming in Scotland, the feature film worn by Leslie Grace will develop around the origin story of Barbara Gordon.

Michael Keaton in Batman costume. – credit(s): Warner Bros.

JK Simmons will reprise the role of Commissioner Gordon after a brief return Justice League While the blockbuster will have Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly as well as Jacob Scipio in a still mysterious role. For now, it’s unclear what Batman’s role will be with Batgirl, especially since Warner has clarified that the actor’s appearance is under review. Also note that the feature film takes place in a different timeline from that flamboyant Or the other DC adaptation, JK Simmons’ Jim Gordon, developed in the same universe as Justice League.

Batman, the mentor for Batgirl?

That being said, the introduction of the Multiverse into the DC Universe may fuel Michael Keaton’s Batman time-space travel so that he can serve as an advisor to Barbara Gordon. After Barry Allen, the legendary superhero of cinema could become the commissioner’s daughter. We still don’t know much about the script of the feature film. Perhaps the first clue will allow us to learn more but specifically to confirm the presence of Michael Keaton at the casting. Finally, note that for the time being bat girl There is no official release date.

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