BGT’s Nabil Abdul Shashid has issued a defamatory statement as fans say he was ‘robbed’ in the final.

BGT's Nabil Abdul Shashid has issued a defamatory statement as fans say he was 'robbed' in the final.

Nabil Abdulsheed was the best comedian to have a ‘breath of fresh air’ and starred in Britain’s Got Talent last night – the funny guy lost the top prize in Saturday night’s final.

Racism, politics and com facom complaints from their unapplied routine have faced a number of issues that have boosted ITV talent this year.

Even the comedian was not ashamed to dig into Alesha Dixon, claiming that he was the black man who gave his gold market years ago.

But, despite Nabil’s side effects going down the storm with judges at the studio and fans on Twitter, it also failed in the top three in the opinion of the funny viewer.

The £ 250,000 prize fund and the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance went to another comedian – John Courtney, who impressed the audience with his entertainment and musical rudown to elevate the events of the year.

Nabil was not shy about tackling various hard-hitting topics at Saturday Night’s Talent Show

His provocative performance was hailed by fans on Twitter as fresh and honest.

Nabil’s fans were outraged at the result on Twitter – noting that Nabil was also offended by being missed from the shortlist.

“Nabil was a robbed,” cried an angry spectator.

Another said, “Nabil didn’t win the BGT tonight. Honestly there’s a fun and inspiring comedian out there. These topics need to be handled and talked about, they just shouldn’t stop. Nabil I wish you the best for your career. I do and you are wonderful. “

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The judges gave Nabil a standing ovation in view of his regularity

Another praised some of the amateur laughter very much: “Nabil is a work I will definitely pay to see. All this I say. It was just brilliant.”

While the fourth disappointed fan called boring because of the boredom of the final variation and said that Nabi should make at least the top three.

“Honestly didn’t enjoy the show. A lot of magicians, don’t get me wrong they were all brilliant, but after the third date I was fed up with all this. Thought Nabil must have won, don’t know why he claimed to have made the final 3 too No, but the PC I’m posting won’t be, “they claimed.

However, not everyone was impressed by some of Nabil’s comments.

His jokes about British Prime Minister Winston Churchill being black were considered ‘insulting’ and ‘uncomfortable’ by some.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Nabil lost the prize mess and reassured fans that they weren’t the last to see him.

Nabil thanked the fans for their support and said they were not the last to see him

On Saturday night, comic singer John Courtney was named the winner

“Thanks to all the support guys. Didn’t get” W “today but don’t worry .. The marathon is on. Your love #teamnabil#nabilarmy I came to point out an issue and I think I did it, “he declared.

Viewers voted for 47-year-old comedian John Courtney as its winner in 2020.

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Jon, who picked Ant and Dis’s Golden Buzzer during the Jon Dishings, was won over by his regular audience, who praised the country’s response to the coronavirus epidemic.

Sign in Core Sign All With Al, while various artist Steve Royal comes in third.


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