Boris Johnson struggles with being ashamed of new leaks

Boris Johnson struggles with being ashamed of new leaks

“No more fucking imprisonment, let the body be piled up by the thousands,” Boris Johnson reportedly said. Downing Street denies

In the atmosphere of settling the score between Boris Johnson and his former adviser Dominic Cummings, the British government refused on Monday, 26 April, for a shocking conviction to protest the eventual downfall of a new imprisonment to the Prime Minister Held.

Many scams

The Daily Mail newspaper, which does not specify its sources, said on Monday that during a meeting in late October, Boris Johnson launched: “No more fucking lockdowns, accumulate bodies by the thousands”. Downing Street’s denial was added to Defense Minister Ben Wallace, describing it as “a new lie”: “It is not true, it has been denied by practically everyone”, he announced on Sky News television on Monday morning.

10 days before the local elections, it is a new source of embarrassment for Boris Johnson, who is already struggling with a lobbying scandal that has upset some members of his government and a dispute over financing the renovation of his flat.


Calling the Prime Minister to explain himself to MPs, Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish separatists in Westminster’s parliament, speculated on Twitter that if these words were “true”, Boris Johnson should resign.


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