Candace is an unpolitical owner, despite backlash for criticizing Harry’s feminine style.

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In keeping with her earlier tweet in which she called for ‘bringing back manly men’, the staunch political activist insisted that ‘real women do not practice fake feminism.’

Candace Owens Refused to apologize despite taking the heat to criticize Harry styling, Who was dressed for the Vogue photo shoot. Returning to Twitter on Monday, November 16, after a storm of backlash, the formerly staunch political commentator stood by his earlier statement.

“Since I’ve been trending, I want to clarify what I meant when I said, ‘Bring back the manly men,'” she said, addressing the replies to her previous tweet, before repeating her controversial remark. : Bring back the manly men. ”

Conditions such as “toxic masculinity” were created by toxic women. “Real women don’t do fake feminism.” Clearly not apologizing, she said “sorry sorry sorry.”

Candace Owens' tweet

Nedes Owens commented on Hendry’s style ‘Vogue cover shoot’.

In Wong’s photo, Candace raised the issue of Harry’s feminine style. Calling the magazine’s cover her first solo male cover star, “Falling” Kroner wore a gender gown and a custom Gucci jacket that ignored gender norms.

Promoting the cover by tweeting Vogue’s post and interviewing her, the 1-year-old author wrote, “There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. It is no coincidence that children are taught Marxism. This is a complete attack. Bring back skilled men. ”

Since then many have come to Harry’s rescue Olivia Wilde He applauded Candress and called her “kind.” Kathy Griffin Expected author warns, “Candy Owens doesn’t know what she’s up to going against Harry’s style.”

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Meanwhile, Zack Braff Boys and men are urged to be independent of what they want to do regardless of what people say. “All our lives boys and men are told that we need to be masculine. Life is short. Be the f ** k you want to be,” he advised.

In an interview with the magazine, Harry explained why he enjoys obscure gender norms from his style. “When you carry ‘clothes for men and clothes for women’, once you remove any obstacles, you open the field where you can play. I’ll go to the store sometimes, and I’ll just look at myself.” Got “women’s clothing thinking they’re amazing,” he shared.

“It’s like anything – any time you’re putting obstacles in your own life, you’re just limiting yourself,” The In one direction Member continued. “The wardrobe is there to have fun and experiment and play with it.” He also said so. “The really surprising thing is that all these lines are just about to crumble.”

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