Cardi B wishes he could ‘WAP’ for the big crowd: ‘I’m missing shows and festivals’.

Cardi B wishes he could ‘WAP’ for the big crowd: ‘I’m missing shows and festivals’.

Cardi b There is no doubt that his new hit single “WAP” is enjoying success Megan The Stallion, But he is disappointed that he was not able to perform live for the fans.

Cardi tweeted on Saturday (Sept. 5), “U I want to make WAP so bad with so many donkey crowds. I’m missing shows and festivals.” “Yoooooo I’m crazy.”

In recent months, there have been thousands of tours and festivals around the world Postponed or canceled In an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. Cardi has not performed for a large crowd since the appearance of numerous global festivals in 2019.

A fan Replied The rapper tweeted, “We missed you performance! It would have been such an iconic performance.”

“WAP” recently spent a Second week at No.1 On the Billboard Hot 100 song chart. In early August Gust, the controversial track Million Stream Blast Million Streams, the highest for a single song in the first week of release.

“WAP” also marked the first song to spend the first two weeks after Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” at the top of the Hot 100, making it to No. 1 for five consecutive weeks starting February 2, 2019.

Last week, Cardi BA one Waterproof pepper line To slide the success of the hit single. Items from the “WAP” -dated store include multi-colored raincoats ($ 125) and umbrellas ($ 25), as well as a crop biker set ($ 40).

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