Charlotte Gainsbourg and Hugh Bonneville to star in detective thriller

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Hugh Bonneville to star in detective thriller

Actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg – Britta Pedersen / Picture-Alliance / Cover Images

Charlotte will respond to Gainsbourg actor Downton Abbey, Hugh Bonneville, IN Lives in secret, A detective film set during World War II. This is an adaptation of Sarah Helm’s novel In a life secret Which tells the true story of Vera Atkins. This officer of the British Special Operations Directorate trained hundreds of agents before being sent to occupy France. He was not significantly involved in questioning Rudolf Höss in 1941 after moving from Germany to Scotland.

That too, will be inspired according to time limitMiss Monepani’s character James Bond By Ian Fleming. In 1995, he was honored with several acts. Lives in secret.

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otherwise, Lives in secret To be directed by John Hay, which is his last film To olivia In 2011, a film in which Hugh Bonneville played a notable role. Additionally, it will be produced by Jeremy Bolt who participated in the franchise. resident Evil.

Production should begin in late 2021, which will give Charlotte Gainsbourg breathing time after filming Human things, Yavan Attal’s next film, which is scheduled to be released this year, and the museum debut by his father, Serge Gainsbourg, at his home in rue de Verneuil, which he hopes to do this year.

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