Christine Cavalry was seen kissing Jeff Dane in Mexico

Christine Cavalry was seen kissing Jeff Dane in Mexico

Things are heating up between Christine Cavalli and Jeff Dye in Mexico.

Rumor has it the couple posed for photos on PDA during a recent vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

In steam pics, Received by TMZCavalry, 33, wearing a small, hot pink, orange and yellow bikini, is seen kissing, hugging and dancing on the 37-year-old dye.

Cam Madden, with ex-husband Jay Cutler, has been dating the comedian for a few months, sharing a single mom with Jackson and year-old daughter Silor.

October In October, they were spotted kissing before going out on a date at a bar in Chicago.

They later shared a “scary dinner” in Nashville, where they re-filled the PDA.

Most recently, Dye made a scathing comment on Cavallari’s Instagram photo, writing a heart-eyes emoji under a modeling photo for her Uncommon Gems jewelry line.

Meanwhile, Cutler, 37, shook the pot by hanging out with Shannon Ford, a former Cavalry employee, who was fired by the jewelry designer in season 2 of “Too Cavalry”.

In April, Cavallari and 37, Cutler, announced their divorce after 10 years together. The ex spent Halloween together with her children, revealing earlier this month that she was in the process of legally leaving Cutler by her name.

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