Clara Luciani devastated by a major heartache

Clara Luciani devastated by a major heartache

Devastated by the break-up, 29-year-old Clara Luciani returned to live with her parents, a very bad time in which she returned to Paris.

The weekly reveals the circumstances of this heartache while reiterating the beliefs given by the charming brunette during an interview with RTL 2.

The singer, of 1.82, recently admitted, “I composed my first songs after a big heartache?” M, who unveiled his career after being heartbroken after a brutal breakup. He also returned her to his parents’ house.

“I’ve totally become a little girl again”, loosely slammed Clara Luciani, whom Laurent Rukier says is now in a relationship with a singer, whose identity is not specified.

“I have trouble eating. I find it difficult to leave my house, in fact, I am really in a depression, I must say what”, laments the one who left a room in his parents’ garage. where she had not been out for ten days.

It was at this time that she wrote Plure Clara, Plure et Monstre d’Amour, following her debut album “La Grenade” in 2017.

The one who claimed to be single today described the ideal partner as the witty, intelligent person who has tons of books at home….and who doesn’t smell like sneakers”.

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