Claudia Winkleman replacing Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2

Claudia Winkleman replacing Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2

Claudia Winkleman will replace Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 (Photo: Getty Images)

Claudia Winkleman has confirmed that she will take Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 and admits she is ‘gobsmacked’.

It was announced this month that Graham would leave the station after 10 years and found a new home on Virgin Radio.

Their Radio 2 seat will no longer be cold as Claudia hopes to take her place.

Confirming the exciting news, the Strictly Come Dancing host said: ‘I’m not always speechless, but the opportunity to be with Awesome Radio 2 listeners every Saturday leaves me, quite frankly, gibsmacked.

‘I hope my voice comes back in time for the first show because I can’t trust the fake tan and fringe anymore. There’s no one where I’m in on the weekends, it’s a privilege and an honor. ‘

Graham congratulated his successor and tweeted: ‘Congratulations @ClaudiaWinkle you’ll love it !! Welcome to R BBCRadio2 on Saturday morning !! ‘

Hayden Thomas, Head of Radio 2, added: ‘As Claudia is the UK’s most beloved entertainer and firm with our listeners, so I’m on the moon that she will bring her much warmth and understanding on Saturday morning. Radio 2. ‘

Claudia, 48, joined Radio 2 in the spring of 2008, hosting a Come Medi Quiz series called Hot Gossip before leaving on Friday night to host the Claudia Winkleman Arts Show. She recently released Claudia on Sunday while also attracting Ken Bruce, Steve Wright and Sara Cox.

That comes 2 weeks after 57-year-old Graham, when he announced his departure from Radio 2 and said: ‘Obviously I’m out of my Radio 2 show. I will miss being part of the Vaughan House family, as well as the audience and their lives.

‘I thank my creator McCullum Prince and the teams I’ve worked with for a great decade of radio.

‘Happily the BBC continues to be my perfect TV home with chat shows, Eurovision and drag races.’

Graham Norton at Radio 2 Studios

Graham Norton is bidding farewell to Radio 2 after 10 years (Photo: BBC)

The TV presenter then announced that he would be joining Virgin Radio with the flagship weekend show on Saturdays and Sundays from the New Year. a

Confirming the move, Graham said in a statement: ‘I am excited and a little surprised to join Virgin Radio UK in 2021.

‘There was a lot of stuff I was there but the opportunity to host the show over the weekend felt very good. Plus the energy and excitement in Virgin Radio is contagious and I can’t wait to get started! ‘

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