Confirmed start for 2022 with fewer episodes

Confirmed start for 2022 with fewer episodes

For tomorrow’s “Outlander” day, the STARZ team has good news for fans of the drama series: Season 6 will debut in early 2022, but it will have fewer episodes than before.

STARZ celebrated “Outlander” Day on June 1, 2021, with a series of good news for fans. Yesterday the last stone dropped on the sets of Season 6. Filming for the new season has been completed in Scotland. This brings us a little closer to the start of Season 6. STARZ confirmed that new episodes will air in early 2022. However, there’s a catch: The new season will come in an abridged version. This means that it has fewer episodes than before. “Outlander” That’s why season 6 consists of only eight episodes. For comparison: Season 5 consisted of 12 episodes and these were the original plans for the new season. The last season made it to 13 episodes and season 1 also drew fans in front of the screen for 16 episodes. The “Outlander” Season 6 premiere will be an extra long episode that should last about 90 minutes. But that’s not the only consolation for the shorter Season 6.

“Outlander” Season 7 Is Going to Be Extra Long

STARZ has confirmed that the number of episodes of “Outlander” Season 7 will be increased significantly. Originally planned for only 12 episodes here, fans can now look forward to a total of 16 episodes in “Outlander” Season 7. The short sixth season has one advantage for viewers: we don’t have to wait any longer for new episodes to start! The coronavirus pandemic delayed the start of filming in Scotland and could only start about nine months after the originally planned start. The “Outlander” Season 5 finale kicked off in May 2020, and fans have been looking forward to new episodes surrounding Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) ever since. In Germany, new episodes are always first broadcast on the RTL Passion. The free TV premiere will finally be on Vox. All five seasons of “Outlander” are currently also available on the Netflix streaming service.

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That’s Little Season 6

“We are excited to be going into the editing room and working to bring fans one step closer to reconnecting with the family at Fraser Ridge,” announced producer and showrunner Matthew B. Roberts (via) “time limit”) “Filming in 2021 presented us with unprecedented challenges that made us decide to shorten the season to bring fans the most lively and fastest season possible as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we’ll be shooting an extended season next year. With seven 16 episodes when life will return to normal.” The final months of the German debut of “Outlander” Season 6 can sweeten fans with a novel by Diana Gabaldon. The new episodes are based on his book “Touch of Snow and Ash” * (I original: “Breathe of Ice and Ash”*) Anyone who is already up to date with the Highland saga can now pre-order the highly anticipated 9th book: ‘A swarm of thousands of bees’* (I original: ‘Go tell the bees that I’m gone’*), Book 9 of the Saga, out November 23, 2021.

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