Dedicated note to son Kardashian and son saint on 5th birthday

Dedicated note to son Kardashian and son saint on 5th birthday

Kim Kardashian-West sent a greeting to the son saint on social media on Saturday, wishing him a happy birthday, writing a long, loving note dedicated to his second-born.

“My child saint is 5 years old today. A soul of my life, ” Kim pushed On Instagram.

“Every year I interview my children and ask them the same questions about life. Saint- I can’t wait to see how you grew up and how you would answer these 5 year old questions and it will show you when you are older. “

He further said, “I know that party by drive-party is not ideal but it is our time and you are very excited! You are always so happy and bring so much joy in my soul every day. You will always be my baby boy. This year Enjoy your golden birthday Centi! 5th in # 5 !!! ”

Grandma Chris Jenner also sent greetings via Instagram.

“Happy birthday to my sweet angel boy grandson saint,” Jenner wrote. “You are such an incredibly sweet soul and such a big part of my heart and I am so proud of you! I can’t believe you’re five years old today and another reminder of how fast I spend time to be able to have such a big beautiful family and share life with you and your sweet smile and tender heart and surprise. Attitude

“You are such a wonderful example to all your cousins ​​and your siblings and I can’t wait for you to grow up! I love you Santi more than you would ever imagine. You are my inspiration. I Love You! Lovely Xoxo ”.

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