DNA of woman who does not feel the interests of pain to scientists

DNA of woman who does not feel the interests of pain to scientists

The genetic changes discovered in Joe Cameron, a Scottish woman who does not feel pain or stress, helped researchers develop new pain relief treatments.

Unstoppable, Supermom, Superwoman. Media, such as Scottish Sun, times Or elsewhere in the world, which Cameron lacks imagination to describe. At the age of 71, the woman has become a celebrity as a team at University College London revealed that she underwent a genetic change that did not allow her to experience pain or stress during her life.

Published in the 28 March edition of British Journal of Anesthesia, DNA study of Joe Cameron “Revives hope of finding new treatments for chronic pain, which affects millions of people around the world”, Decrypt it Guardian. Researchers found that “This genetic mutation, in a region they name FAAH-OUT, seems to suspend the activity of a neighboring gene called FAAH, known for its role in pain sensation, mood, and memory”, orig. Reports site specializing in health state.

This Scotsman is not the only person in the world who does not feel pain. Rulen University Hospital points out that congenital analgesia for pain, or congenital insensitivity to pain, is a rare condition characterized by a lack of pain sensation or in its most severe form. But very often, people who are affected die relatively quickly from injuries they were not aware of.

Pain, an essential sign


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