Eugene Green’s diabolical Basque fantasy

Eugene Green's diabolical Basque fantasy

Opinion of the “world” – not to be missed

These days, who wouldn’t dream of being able to challenge the goddess of nature named Mari from Basque mythology, competing with the most brutal of tales? The mistress of lightning and hail, Mari is capable of destroying men or their crops, bringing rain or bringing a boat to port in distress. Will Mari know how to put out the fire? One of his two sons, Miquelats, along with Satan, strangely masters the art of making fire…

In Attarabi and Miquelattes, A Basque myth and ninth feature film adaptation by Eugene Green, Two Enemy Brothers measure their power, their degree of freedom, and their conception of good and evil in an aesthetic of dissonance that is joyful and full of meaning.

The eccentric and spiritual Eugene Green hints, at age 74, his least and most desperate work, a musician devil, or the devil musician, suspended from the percussive line played by Thierry Biscari – which had already appeared in the documentary on Basque culture. given by Eugene Green, Speak (2015). Attarabi and Miqueltes Can be seen as another, fictional part of a diptych on minority culture, a subject beloved to the United States-born filmmaker, “In Barbary”, He used to mark his resistance to the American steamroller.

pastoral image

Speaking: These three words are perhaps better than any speech, the artistic project of a French-language director, writer and theater director, a transitional lover (in an unconditional sense).

Since its first feature, every night (2001, Louis-Deluc Prize), Eugene Greene seeks to restore all its juiciness to the discourse of 18th-century materialism.I Century, drawing, film by film, a timeless plot of human plays and synopsis of ancestral stories. Eugene Green, Green Like “green”? The outspoken director will forgive us for this Anglo-Saxon play on words. Along with that, the actors’ sluggish phrasing, concern for the correct pronunciation and link to the word “zenter” revive and update old ogre tales (living world, 2003), Impossible Love (art bridge, 2004), Couples in Trouble (Intelligence, 2014) or Finding the Father (Joseph’s son 2016).

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Attarabi and Miqueltes Opens up on an ungrateful landscape (the Basque coast populated by tourists) it is better to step away and indulge in green nature – sacred and undoubtedly not eternal, suggesting the pastoral image. Film your menu, with special effects A DJ transports us to a devil’s cave like a dungeon.

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