Film about Italian legend Roberto Baggio to be released in May

Film about Italian legend Roberto Baggio to be released in May

Munich – He won the Ballon d’Or and missed a decisive penalty in the World Cup final.

He was the most expensive player in the world – and sold out and outraged. He wore the jerseys of Juve, Milan and Inter. He played for Florence, Bologna and Brescia.

He was love and the devil.

Roberto Baggio was one of the defining names of the 1990s who, he felt, single-handedly led Italy to the 1994 World Cup final.

27 years later, a film is now streaming on “Netflix,” which highlights the life of the former Italian superstar, based on real events on and off the field.

From 26 May, interested can find out more about the Italian striker who made his first appearance on the big stage at Italia 90 on the streaming platform.

Roberto Baggio: career ups and downs

The strip, titled “The Divine Pigtail”, represents an entire career from Baggio’s difficult start to his glory days at Juventus Turin and AC Milan to his world-famous missed penalty in the 1994 World Cup final.

In the film, not only is the athlete Baggio – played by Andrea Arcangelli – depicted, but human aspects such as conflicts with teammates and coaches, as well as family ties and the Buddhism practiced by the attacker are discussed. .

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