Fits Perfectly: The Witcher Becomes a Highlander

Fits Perfectly: The Witcher Becomes a Highlander
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A “Highlander” reboot should come to an end – and “The Witcher” star Henry Cavill now has the perfect cast. More on Netzwelt.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher

Henry Cavill as Geralt von Rivia in The Witcher (Source: Caitlin Worms / Netflix)

  • Superstar Henry Cavill (“Man of Steel”) becomes a Highlander.
  • A reboot is to be made under the direction of Chad Stalesky (“John Wick”).
  • “Highlander” has been considered a full cult classic since 1986.

A truly exciting film project is taking shape: “The Witcher” star Henry Cavill is coming The “Highlander” reboot will play a major role, Like a reliable branch sheet time limit Reported.

Chad Stelsky (“John Wick 1-3”) also rose to prominence as a director. And so all fantasy and “highlander” fans can enjoy it Actionreaches Spektakel to accommodate.

“there can only be one!”

“Highlander – There Can Only Be One” is a brilliant ’80s cult classic starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. The immortal Scottish warriors try to cut off their heads. In this world, “Geralt von Rivia” Henry Cavill seems perfectly fit for Netflix’s “The Witcher” with his physique and sword skills.

As of the deadline, nothing is known about the plot of the new film (and Henry Cavill’s engagement has not yet been officially confirmed!) The script was written by Kerry Williamson (“What Happened to Monday?”).

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