Free ESC: These countries are on show

Free ESC: These countries are on show

Free esc
These countries are in shambles

Konchita Wurst will guide you through “Free ESC” with Steven Gaten.

© Proseben / Marcus Morianz / Benedict Müller

On May 15, Stephen Rabb’s “Free ESC” rises to ProSieben. Participating countries have now been determined.

“Free European Song Contest” will be the second time in 2021. Stephen Rabb (54) escorts to ESC substitute May 15 for ProSieben. Now it is also clear which countries will take part in “Free ESC”. According to the broadcaster, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey – in a total of 16 countries – will send the artists to the race.

France, Slovenia, Belgium, Scotland and Greece are participating in the “Free ESC” for the first time. The show, which will go live on Procyben and Joy on May 15, 2021 at 8:15 pm, will be moderated by Conchita Wurst (32) and Steven Gatgen (48). This means that the music competition takes place one week before the grand finale of the original ESC. Last year, Nico Santos (28) won the “Free ESC” for Spain. It is not yet known what tasks will take place in each country in 2021.


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