Gordon Ramsay revealed what he would choose for the last meal

Gordon Ramsay’s choice for his final meal is as elegant as you’d expect from a man who currently has seven Michelin stars.

As a chef whose cuisine has led him not only to the restaurant’s reputation but also to fame and fame as the often uncivil host of shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare, the 54-year-old responded What he would eat if it was his last meal on the planet would always be interesting.

Gordon Ramsay. Credit: PA

Let’s face it, he’s never going to eat beans on toast. So what did he want?

Speaking to Bon Appetit in 2009, Ramsey chose fish, choosing sea bass. He didn’t want it with just a few peas and new potatoes.

“Sea bass is the king of fish,” he explained.

“So my idea of ​​the perfect last meal would be a good filet, pan-fried with a mild sorrel sauce, or served roasted with artichokes and chive crème fraैचche.”

Sorrel sauce and artichokes with crème fraैचche just roll over the tongue, right. It is definitely very tasty.

Scottish chefs, like everyone else in the past year, have been forced to find new hobbies over the past year as work has slowed or cut back during the epidemic.

Of course, it was his role as the host of the new Bank Balance Quiz show, which received mixed reviews.

One person asked on Twitter: ” It’s not like that Bank Balanced Essentially a copy of Collapse of one million poundsThe #Bank balance. “

While someone else wrote: ” @Gordon Ramsay My guilty pleasure but I could not see this show. It’s like Collapse of one million pounds But a balance board qualified and with a huge halt. #Pardon Not sorry #Bank balance. “

another pair: ” what it’s like Collapse of one million pounds But another celebrity millionaire funding with television royalty payers? I like to watch test cards for free. ”

Perhaps more surprising is the chef’s rise to stardom on Tiktok. According to researcher HypeAditor, Ramsay was Ticketock’s fastest growing UK user, with more than 16 million subscribers.

Ramsay’s popularity on stage is due to a variety of antics ranging from people grading food to sharing cooking tips, and even having poor drive-through staff during the show. Order from them.

Ramsay has become a star on Ticketock.  Credit: Ticketok / Gordon Ramsay
Ramsay has become a star on Ticketock. Credit: Ticketok / Gordon Ramsay

Recently, it involved a poor Costa Coffee employee serving an ineffective microwave Ramsay bacon as part of a breakfast sandwich.

Luckily the grill he gave was a joke but no doubt embarrassed the poor employee as everything was imprisoned at Ticketock.

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