Granny’s anatomy fans wonder what other characters they’ve worked on

Granny's anatomy fans wonder what other characters they've worked on

Showrunner Krista Venoff and lead star Ellen Pompeo were just a few of the younger ones to learn about the twist coming to the show’s 17th season premiere.

Naturally, that moment – which you can read about below – has sent fan excitement into overdrive.

* Follow spoilers – you have been warned *

For those who don’t know yet, the season 17 premiere brought back Patrick Dempsey’s favorite character, Derek Shepherd, for a dream sequence.

The scene was created after Meredith Gray (Pompeo), whom she works, was released from the hospital.

Inspired by the “intense” dreams people are experiencing in the lockdown, Vernoff said the decision to bring back some “dead characters” was made in the hope that it would give viewers “pleasure” after a difficult year.

Asked if Meredith’s mother, Alice (Kate Burton), could return, Vernoff said Final line: “You have to tune in and see who comes to the beach.”

Fans are wondering which characters will return in the next episode of this season, which will air on Thursday (November 19).

On IMDB, numerous former cast members now update their time on the show so that it reads (2005-22020).

These include Sandra Oh (Christina Yang), TR Knight (George O’Malley), Sara Ramirez (Kie Lee Torres), Jessica Capsho (Arizona Robbins) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played guest roles as Danny Duquette.

Catherine Hegel, who left the show in 2010 after the behind-the-scenes drama, is also said to have returned.


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