Health concerns rise: Queen cancels climate summit from travel plans

Health concerns rise: Queen cancels climate summit from travel plans

Increasing concern about health
Queen cancels climate summit from travel plan

With her office burdened, the Queen wanted to set an example in Glasgow for greater climate protection. But nothing is known of it now: his health seems to be getting in the way of the 95-year-old emperor again.

For the second time within a few weeks, Queen Elizabeth II canceled a planned visit for health reasons. “Her Majesty has decided with regret that she will not travel to Glasgow to attend a reception at COP26 on Monday,” Buckingham Palace said. Rani is disappointed, but will send a video message.

Heir to the throne Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are still expected at the United Nations World Climate Conference in Scotland, as are Prince William and Duchess Kate. Over the past few weeks and months, British royals have repeatedly spoken out in favor of more climate protection.

The presence of Queen Elizabeth II should give maximum weightage of office to the appeal of the royal family. Over the weekend, a source close to the palace told the “Times” that the Queen was doing well, that she was gathering energy for the COP’s visit. After a medically scheduled break, the 95-year-old Queen made her first virtual appointments at Windsor Castle on Tuesday.

Well Filled Appointment Calendar

Last week, the monarch canceled a trip to Northern Ireland and spent a night in hospital for a medical examination. After that, she took a few days off and waited for the results. In doing so, she reportedly returned to Windsor Castle in “light tasks”, such as reading documents from the red boxes that were delivered to her every day.

Concerns about the Queen’s health have risen in the past few weeks after she showed herself with a stick in two visits. “It is believed that he used Walker for the first time at an official public event,” even the PA news agency reported. The last time the queen walked with a stick was about 20 years ago. But at that time she had recovered from knee surgery.

Until recently, Elizabeth II had worked through her royal schedule, which was completely filled just weeks after her husband, Prince Philip, died in the spring. In the future, they will receive even greater support from their children and grandchildren during official appointments.

Preparations are in full swing for the Queen’s birth anniversary next year. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the accession to the throne, a long weekend with several events and an additional holiday is planned for early June 2022.

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