Henny Reints: TV return in ARD two-part series “The Search”

Henny Reints: TV return in ARD two-part series

Dark and Exciting: Charlotte Link’s crime thriller “The Search” follows a Scotland Yard investigator to the North-East of England. The leading role is played by former “Nord Be Nordwest” star Henny Rent. In 2017, the policeman became Kate Linville is still played by Perry Baumeister.

An article by HÖRZU reporter Sven Sakowitz

There is panic in the north-east of England: teenage girls disappear without a trace, and then the body of one of the missing is found in a rain-high swamp. Scotland Yard investigator Kate Linville (Hennie Rents) happens to be on the site and, disguised as a journalist, becomes involved in the search for the culprit. Police Chief Caleb Hale (Lukas Gregorowicz) could use support.

The Dark ARD two-parter begins with this scenario “Charlotte Link: The Search” (Thu, October 27th, before 8:15 pm), With 32 million novels sold in German-speaking countries, Link is one of the country’s most successful authors. The Quest is the second film adaptation of the story by Kate Linville. Henny Rants is seen in this role for the first time. “It was my first time shooting in England as well. A great experience,” she says. Filmed in and around Leeds.

Henny Rents had nothing to do with Scottish role

“Even when I was preparing for the role in Berlin, it took a while to get used to it,” Rents says. “A British investigator from Scotland Yard in the German capital? I kind of lost the connection. But when I arrived in England and I’ve always had this fascinating nature, the English language and the British lifestyle, I was able to sink deeper into the role Was.

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Her Kate Linville is an impressive woman: “She is surrounded by a certain loneliness and obstinacy and in this case she is confronted with her disgusting past,” says Hennie Rents.

“I found her to be a sad character, but I’ve always wanted to give something hopeful. She was a gift to me as an actress.”

One thing was unusual on set: “The union requirements out there are surprisingly strict,” recalls Rent. “The plug is pulled properly after eight hours of work. It doesn’t matter whether you’re done or not. This creates huge time pressure. But it is also important that I can put my game to good use.”

It is not yet clear how Scotland Yard officials will remain on television. At least it’s clear: There’s another volume from Charlotte Link’s Linville series that hasn’t been filmed yet.

“The Search”: Thursday, October 27, first time at 8:15 pm. Part 2 on 10/30. and both episodes Advance in ARD Media Library


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