Highlander: Henry Cavill film race reboot

Highlander: Henry Cavill film race reboot

Henry Cavill may succeed Christophe Lambert in a reboot in the skin of the next Highlander to prepare for Hollywood. The film will be directed by ‘John Wick’ director Chad Stelsky.

The hill : A cult saga

Dreamy The hill Russell Malkahi debuted in front of the camera in 1986. The latter decides to undertake an unprecedented adventure that tells the fate of an immortal, Connor McLeod, who crosses the ages. From his Scotland in 157. For 400 years he has faced other immortal people to survive. Because really, as you probably know, There can only be one!

Highlander © 20th Century Fox

For a long time, The hill A definitive cult film has been made. But at the time of its release, the feature film reported “only” $ 5.9 million in box office revenue. Thanks to the presence of Christophe Lambert (who plays his career best here) and the unique Sean Connery, The hill The film has a significant aura on an entire generation of viewers. Facing the success of the first creation, 20th Century Fox has started producing four sequels, Partially forgettable.

A reboot by Chad Stelsky

Hollywood is going to reboot The hill. There is not much information about this project at the moment. The screenplay is written by Kerry Williamson, while Lionsgate takes care of production. On the production side, this is Chad Staleski (saga) John wick) Who will take care of the staging. According to time limit, Comedian Henry Cavill is said to be in talks to get the first role in this reboot. So after his appearance as Superman in the DC Extended Universe, Enola Homes In the role of Sherlock and his involvement in it Mission Impossible: Fallout, Henry Cavill is in the process of joining a new franchise if his presence is confirmed.

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The plot of this new version, as well as Henry Cavill’s alleged role, is currently unknown. This reboot has been in the making for several years now. For a time, this project was Can also be worn by Justin Lynn and Ryan Reynolds.


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