Holding Salon | Hairdressing Salons, Great Cultural Trips

  Holding Salon |  Hairdressing Salons, Great Cultural Trips

(Montreal) It was during the filming of another series that host Sophie Foran had the idea while a Senegalese from Glasgow, Scotland, had her hair done. hold the salonThis concept, at Hair Salon in Montreal.

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So last fall, it entered Haitians, Italians, Cambodians, Chinese, Vietnamese and native Dominicans, all of whom operate hairdressers in Montreal.

The second season comes when we meet Abdelilla Bendek from Morocco, who owns a living room with his wife in Laval-Ouest. Among his clients, Zohir Ferdjioui, a bon vivant paediatrician who moved from Algiers to Chicótimi for 10 years before landing in Laval with his wife of Tunisian-born pediatrician and their two children, the fraternity that settled in such places. It reflects.

By his side, Hamid Bririch, who arrived in Quebec without a family to support and study, but who lacks determination and joie de vivre, brings us to his workplace in return. In 30 minutes, it’s a cultural immersion worth sleeping in!

The weather will bring us in an Afro-European, a Cameroonian, a Colombian, a Lebanese, an Armenian and a Ukrainian, all becoming Quebecers … and hairdressers.

In each episode, it is a question of integration, traditions, mourning and building the future, but above all the importance of friendship and community. On Tuesday, July 6 at 8:30 pm, one new episode per week will be aired on TV5 and all episodes will be available on the channel’s website.

The dazzling designer and host will also talk about her passion for hairdressing salons at Christian Begins on the show people are massive, Friday July 9 at 9 pm on Tele-Québec.

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