How Haley Baldwin feels about raping husband Justin Bieber about ex-Selena Gomez

How Haley Baldwin feels about raping husband Justin Bieber about ex-Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber was in the city discussion after he was seen singing a song about the name of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in Drake’s new music video.

Recent reports have revealed how Baby Kroner’s wife and superhero Haley Baldwin reacted to his subtle mention of her ex-Ladylov.

A report by Hollywoodlife Citing a source as to how Haley has taken the matter lightly and is vague about the fan’s reaction suggests that these former flares could be a sign of reconnection.

“Justin doesn’t think about Selena at all with this new music or song,” the insider said.

“[Justin] No one is paying attention to what fans say about Selena when it comes to Haley songs. Justin just has fun with it. This is officially starting a big return in its music with more to come soon. He is excited that this is finally happening, “the source said.

Bieber was featured in Drake’s music video for the song Pop star Where he was mocked by the name of Gomez.

In the eight-minute-long video, DJ Khalid, along with the hitmaker, also wakes up after a late-night party with the former waking up to the sound of the rapper singing songs that make Gomez cry.

“I’m a pop star, but this one [expletive] No bubblegum, yes / you probably have my manager scooter bran, yes / but with my manager 20 [expletive] In Budakan, yes, Aye / Luke, Ariana, Selena, my visa / can charge as much as it needs, my girl / she [expletive] Like all my publications, Platinum, my girl, ”he sings.

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Fans found it incredibly ridiculous for the singer to mock his former name, especially with the last two things on a sour note.


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