How is the series related to Harry Potter? Clement Ramians reaction

  How is the series related to Harry Potter?  Clement Ramians reaction

From Harry potter On It all starts here, Is only one step. Or rather a little imagination. Explanation with Clement Ramians, Maxim Delacourt’s interpreter in the series of TF1.

Possibly, It all starts here, TF1 soap opera performed by Frédéric Diefenthal, Catherine Marchal or Elsa Lunghini, does not bear much resemblance to the cult saga Harry potter. And yet … in Saint-Laurent D’Agouz, where the daily front page series is filmed, like in Scotland, where the young magician conceived JK Rowling, It is a question of cuisine – cooking (which you can find on a dedicated site) or of magic – of the school – Auguste Armand and the Hogwarts Institute – and the magnificent palace … Clement wants nothing more Remyans, Maxime Delacourt ‘S interpreter, to make connections between his childhood hero and his character, played by Daniel Radcliffe in cinema It all starts here.

Clement Ramians first thought of Hogwarts during the discovery of Calvières Castle

Since its first appearance in Tomorrow is ours In 2017, Clement Remyans has the impression of living a fairy tale. The young actor, who had never actually shot Maxim Delacourt wearing jeans and sneakers before, discovered the television set, a professional family and success. Up to the point of being chosen as the star of the second series of TF1, It all starts here, Of which he revealed something behind the curtain. But if his life is full of magic today, it is even more so as he walks every day in the magnificent palace of Calvières: “The first time I saw it, I was impressed! I was still working on DNA, it had been a long time since ITC started filming. I didn’t expect such a setting, such a drama to take place., The actor told us. You can imagine anything there. The palace is the link between all the characters. When we go from one scene to another, there is always this link which is the palace. We are engrossed, something when we see Harry potter, We are always in Hogwarts… ”

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Clement Ramians is a Harry Potter fan

It’s no wonder Clement Ramians Thought about witchcraft school when they discovered the location of filmingIt all starts here, Which has several sets, including a crazy secret passage to the director’s office. Because the actor has been a fan of witchcraft since a young age: “They followed me all my youth. I grew up with the characters. I lived with them, they remembered. So, when I discovered this castle, I immediately thought of Harry.It all starts here, It’s a little like Hogwarts … and I have a scar on my forehead ” she had fun.


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