I’m full of celeb Fakri’s claims – from filming on set to trial run-throw

I'm full of celeb Fakri's claims - from filming on set to trial run-throw

Eagle Eyed I am a celebrity … get me out of here! Fans are speculating that things on the show may not be what they seem to be this year.

The ITV series – which was forced to relocate to North Wales instead of the Australian Australian jungle due to a coronavirus epidemic – has hit a number of fake claims since the much-anticipated show returned.

Fans have speculated that the stars are not inside the historic historic Gwich Castle, but on a green-curtain set, and outraged that famous faces are practicing the trial before the live event, here’s a look at the claims.

I a celeb fans are speculating that after the reports came out how the stars worked before the live show showed that the trials are fake.

Do I do Celeb Campmates practice trials?

It looks like someone inside admitted that the campmates are shown the “mechanics” of the trial and that the stars finally get special information about what is needed to defeat it before the trial.

This includes how the stars are released and the camera rolls and will allay fears of what they face before the hearing is conducted.

A source said Sun: That the trial’s further briefing “removes some of the elements at risk” but is done for health and safety reasons, as well as ensuring that they provide maximum entertainment for spectators at home.

They said: “In fact, they need to be told what they need to do, and in many cases shown how to do it and allowed to try and allow it.”

The source added that this was done so that the producers could tell the campers “exactly how to escape or unlock or loosen the bolts before starting the shooting process.”

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Disrupt a source that famous faces are talked about by actions before rolling the camera

It is believed that if celebrities get stuck on “complications”, it makes dull television and even worse if repeated hearings are made after this trial.

The source added: “They are told what the rules are, what to expect and how to finally beat it.”

A spokesman for ITV said in a statement: “Competitors are told trial instructions and the manufacturers make sure they are consistent with our health and safety procedures and what is required of them.

“Any suggestions on run-throws or practice are incorrect.”

Am I a Celeb Castle Hot?

Some fans of the ITV show are questioning whether Stone Castle is being given warmth throughout the series as celebs are happy to eat their jumpers and coats in favor of T-shirts.

While the show’s bosses have insisted that the fort’s water and electricity have not been restored, fans are convinced that there is a central heating system to help keep them all warm, as he took to Twitter to question what they are. Was taken.

One skeptical fan tweeted: “I’m sure this castle has central heating. They rotate around half the time of the T-shirt in the short sleeve.”

I’ve assured a celebrity fan that the castle is secretly heated just like the Stars Lounge around the T-shirt.

With temperatures averaging six degrees in North Wales at this time of year, there are questions as to why the stars don’t dress more appropriately.

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Another asked: “Is their secret heating going on in this castle? Everyone wears a T-shirt, it should be cool.”

Another pointed out: “Does that castle get hot? I’m sitting more in my living room.”

AJ Pritchard fueled further speculation by sleeping in his pants

AJ Pritchard just speculated about the temperature of the castle when he saw her going to bed in his pants.

He had seen the celebs eating IMA’s uniforms as soon as he was in bed, and claimed that he felt hot and had been slapped for eating dinner in the furnace after winning his Bushtaker trial.

A tweet from the Gwich Castle account last month confirmed that no heating had been installed in the area.

They insisted: “I don’t have a celebrity install electric or water.”

Am I living on a set instead of a palace?

Some viewers are convinced the castle is fake and the show, including creepy tests, takes place on an inappropriate set.

It has been alleged that the show’s producers have created a studio area next to the castle, which is enclosed by a huge tent.

The castle is being built to look like it is in the grounds as the boss was told they could not make drastic changes to the interior of the castle as it is a Grade II listed building.

Concerns have also been raised about the creepy crawls and creatures in the castle grounds, so the campmate is transported to the trial area and filmed in a different location.

A source on the show told The Sun that when camp friends seem to be “walking straight down the stairs to the castle depots” they are actually “taken to an area separate from the castle where they are called short and then put down.” Their speed. “

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Fans think the Stars are trial on set

An ITV source countered the claim by saying: “The trial is brilliantly conceived and the producers go to town with their creativity so they can really go through their pace and face their fears.”

He added that “nothing is out of bounds” when it comes to expecting a trial.

The theory spread after Vernon went on camera during last Saturday’s show, which turned out to be a telly star.

Fans wrote that after Vernon KA strolled up to the camera – his suspicions arose after he was moved backwards from his tele-legend.

They claimed that this shows that the celebs were actually on a set instead of a castle.

Others have stars in the actual castle but on the “update set” in its walls.

Some even theorized celebs stood in front of the green screen to form a fort around them, which is often used in film-making.

One fan tweeted: “Began to look like I’m a celebrity and I’m refusing to believe this is a real castle, 100% just a set inside.”

Some of the stars are in the actual castle, but on the “update set” in its walls

Another skeptical viewer added: “I don’t believe I’m in the castle in Celle this year, no older brother is set in the studio in December with a T-shirt and shirt moving in Wales due to wind / rain.”

More typed: Naline: “I’m watching the Celebrate Daily Drop program, it’s a whole green screen or I’m going blind, the whole set up doesn’t seem real at all” and “I’m celebrating this year. It sounds so weird.” It’s like an extreme version of Jungle Run. It all looks like a set, not a real castle. “

* I’m a celebrity back on ITV tonight at 9 p.m.


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