In a kilt at Fashion Week, basketball player Russell Westbrook recalls that a boy in a skirt is still not despised

In a kilt at Fashion Week, basketball player Russell Westbrook recalls that a boy in a skirt is still not despised

Professional basketball player, Russell Westbrook, arrived at Fashion Week in a crisp white cloak. A simple skirt that generates so many reactions…

Skirts that allow men’s knees to breathe are on the agenda for Fashion Week this year. After rapper Kid Cudi The one who appeared at the parade in an extra long black skirt is a professional basketball player Russell Westbrook, already known for his “atypical” look, decided to wear a kilt For New York Fashion Week – a rarer look among athletes than among artists!

And despite the fact that a lot of male celebrities have already tried their hand at skirts, and even more so on a kilt, well, a guy without pants, it still gets people talking.

Russell Westbrook, Style 3 Points

Russell Westbrook doesn’t have the basketball player’s classic style of wearing only sportswear: His outfits are downright cataloged. this instagram page Where we can see that she likes to wear a lot of colours. Her collaboration on a pair of sneakers with the iconic brand Jordans is called Why not? (Why not ?), which conveys the player’s state of mind well in terms of his style!

a cloak? Why not. blue hair? Why not.

Russell Westbrook follows in the footsteps of Dennis Rodman, another great Chicago Bulls player, Michael Jordan’s teammate in the 90s. Known for his incredible looks (hair of all colors, sequined crop-tops and even a wedding dress), he was the “spirited” sportsman of the time.

We also love to explore a little homage to Dennis Rodman as Russell Westbrook with a blue tint on short hair…

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Russell Westbrook in a cloak amidst applause and gnashing of teeth

The basketball player posted his look on social networks, which did not fail to provide feedback for good and bad. Place useless talk, a French basketball benchmark, quoted his tweet with four letters, ” hen »- But contrary to what one might think, Russell Westbrook is not to be dealt with!

It’s a joke in reference to the legend chosen by the basketball player, a phrase from rapper Kendrick Lamar saying: « Don’t address me unless it’s four letters », « don’t talk to me until it’s four letters ” (to enquire ” King », king, in reference to one of his older titles). ” hen Being a four letter word, it works well!

The media also added that “Rus does what he wants and he is right” – If you look at the answers on his tweet, then not everyone has an opinion…

The lehenga remains the choice even without talking about the skirt…noted

It’s Sometimes Complicated For Some Sneaker Fans Understand “Unusual” Clothing Choices Like Russell Westbrook is doing here. A netizen clearly commented that his look would be “Because of this his team will not be able to win the title this year” !

A priori, unless the athlete wears a cloak to play basketball, he still has all his chances…

It is also interesting to point out that The cloak remains the most “masculine” skirt in the West, And Many celebrities have already adopted this look Nowhere is as subversive as some might think – quote Samuel L. Jackson in 2002 while campaigning Formula 51 Or Vin Diesel during the MTV Music Awards ceremony.

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This garment is not new, it is also traditional in Scottish weddings. Although a boy who winds his calf like this may be less upset than he was twenty years ago, it doesn’t leave everyone so indifferent that he becomes a nonchalant…

A skirt, dress, high-heeled shoes or lacquered nails will make a guy look more like Russell Westbrook, who is seen as someone who likes beauty, not like someone who disturbs the code – so binary – of our societies.

Well, on the fashion-inspired side, if you don’t like Russell Westbrook’s kilt, You can always buy a miniskirt with her head on. Low fashion, a bit meta, but as they say: why not?

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Image credits of Una: Christopher Peterson / YouTube


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