In pictures: These male stars wore skirts on the red carpet

In pictures: These male stars wore skirts on the red carpet

This week, brad pitt Caught everyone’s eyes. At the Berlin premiere of his latest film, bullet train, the actor swapped the traditional red carpet suit for a brown skirt. It is welcome in an unexpected form, breaking the well-established code of men’s and women’s wardrobes.

Other male stars before him have dared to show their legs. And this, from the 2000s. With each appearance, his audacity led to a fashion moment : a fashion bias that leaves an impression. Some wear a traditional Scottish tartan skirt called KiltOthers opt for a maximalist and colorful version.

if we didn’t wait brad pitt Many of the new generation male celebrities in this register have adopted the skirt as an essential element of their wardrobe: Harry Styles, bad bunny where lil nass x, For example. For him, it is a way of reaffirming his artistic identity, playing with the style’s code, and revisiting the notion of masculinity through his style. And how not to mention the red carpet star: billy porter , The actor and singer has made skirts his signature piece, which is an essential part of his most stunning looks.

Review of the most beautiful skirts for men.

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