Inside Politics: The RAF adopted the Brexit Treaty as MPs return to vote

Inside Politics: The RAF adopted the Brexit Treaty as MPs return to vote

Enjoy christmas? While the American people were stranded at home, British celebrities flew to Dubai, St. Bartholomew’s and Barbados – bypassing Kovid rules by making VIP “business” trips on the souvenir climate. A very important document is the special treatment of business travel today. The Treaty of Brexit Trade Agreement will be moved from Brussels to London by the RAF so that it can be signed by Boris Johnson. There is no special treatment for our MPs who have been called away from sliced ​​peas and TV to deal with the law.

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What Political Correspondent Ashley Cowburn Looks For Today:

Boris Johnson will debate the EU’s Future Relations bill – covering his Brexit trade deal – in a speech in the House of Commons at 9:30 am, MPs will vote on it at around 2:30 pm. As the bill passes through the Lords, Matt Hancock will brief MPs about the current status of the then Kovid-19 and announce a review of England’s standards.

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A new story: Boris Johnson will tell MPs that Britain is “ready to open a new chapter in our national history”. Unable to resist a touch of triumphalism, the Prime Minister is expected to say that his Brexit trade deal achieves “what we were told is impossible”. The 85-page bill based on the agreement would have no problem in the Commons today, when Conservative GR Backbenchers found the agreement to “preserve UK sovereignty as a” question of law “. Mark Francois said he was passing an “acid test” on independence. So after going to the Lords, he is expected to get Royal Ascent on Wednesday or Thursday morning. In Brussels, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, will sign the official treaty before flying to the English Channel for Johnson this morning. EU negotiator Michel Barnier said he would now “use my energy to work for my country” – although the French have to finish their book on Brexit first.

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STATEER STATEER: ROTTEN IN STARMER STATE: Keer Starmer can’t wait for Brexit to end. His decision to push Labor MPs to withdraw the deal caused considerable outrage within the PLP and the Labor movement in general. According to reports, around 20 MPs are expected to be rebel today. A group of critics, led by former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, requested the star leader not to return the ‘rotten’ No 10 deal. McDonnell, Lord Adonis, advisers and publicists called it. “The act of barbarism against our means of subsistence”. Adding to the split, Scottish Labor MPs confirmed they would vote against the deal during a debate in Horrod today. Write in FreeShadow Cabinet Minister Rachel Reeves said “the next Labor government wants to build on the deal, not back it”. Starr, meanwhile, said Guardian: “I am determined that the next general election will be on our terms, not someone else’s. He said that Europe would also not be visible on the party’s electoral sheet.

Will miss only children of the 90s: a sign of absurdity, between today’s pomp and ceremony. It was discovered that the Brexit trade deal contained references to computer software that disappeared in the 1990s. The Landmark document mentions Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail as “modern” services – leading experts for termination Tired of 1990s law negotiators copy and paste text fragments. No 10 have commented on the small but embarrassing mistake yet. More seriously, the Hansard Society has warned of the dangers of Brexit legislation, arguing the lack of oversight amounts “for an example of parliament’s constitutional responsibilities”. What about the threats posed by the end of the transition period? More chaos this weekend? According to the Federation of Small Businesses, only one in eight small exporters in the UK have completed custom preparations.

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Regarding third parties: Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the latest changes this afternoon, with millions in England facing level 4 restrictions. And reports suggest that Number 10 is considering another tightening of the rules in London and the South called “Level 5” (although any changes are not called Level 5). Boris Johnson will preside over a meeting to decide to postpone the reopening of secondary schools in England until 18 January. Hancock said the NHS was facing “unprecedented pressure” with hospitals in England and Wales now treating coronovirus patients at the peak of April. Professor Andrew Heyward of the Nervatag government group said the decisive action now “needed to stop the catastrophe in January and February … so level four sanctions are needed – or even more.” The good news is that the government regulator MHRA has approved the use of the University of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine. It will be distributed in four countries from Monday.

House of Cards: No Brexit, No Kovid News. An end-2020 report by the Green Alliance suggests that tanks find a “significant difference” between Boris Johnson’s climate promises and their policies. “The UK can only lead if it has its own home,” said Green Marine. This was for Ed Miliband “the greatest climate dynamics we’ve ever seen.” Talk to FreeThe Labor leader said that the time had come to send a message to the British at number 10 ahead of the 2021 United Nations Conference in Glasgow. Meanwhile, impressionist Rory Bermner was discussing this morning how he accidentally ‘saved John Major’s bacon’ when he rebelled against the then prime minister. In 1993. Newly released documents from the National Archives reveal how Bremner appealed to Eurosceptic conservative lawmakers – claiming to be Major and seeking his support – to actually return them.

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Don’t do it: When you thought he was away, he pulled you. Donald Trump’s campaign has filed a new lawsuit in the United States Supreme Court challenging the election results in Wisconsin. The outgoing president also released a new campaign style video months after the election. Trump called Republican leaders “weak and fatigued,” because they must have a “willful desire” not to back their idea of ​​a $ 2,000 stimulus check. Joe Biden appears to have warned of “massive damage” to national security as a result of officials putting “obstacles” for his transition team. Biden said: “At the moment, we are not receiving all the information required from the outgoing administration in key areas of national security. This is nothing less, in my opinion, irresponsible.

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“This is a clearly unambiguous endorsement of the deal and underscores how Boris has achieved that so many people are eating your cake and eating it, or never being given.

ERG member Sir Bernard Jenkin on ‘amazing’ deal.

From twitter

“Conservatives are already afraid that we will reverse Brexit! Yes we will! “

Philosopher AC Graveling shares plea on EU reinvestment

“Remoners to be renamed now …”

While Lord Ashcroft of the Tories has a new name for Grayling and his friends.

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