Ivanka Trump: Why Your Bodyguards Are Too Kind – Fox

Ivanka Trump: Why Your Bodyguards Are Too Kind - Fox

Reading newspapers is a wonderful thing. You have to click everything on the Internet, and the algorithm knows in advance what interests you. When you read a newspaper, you stumble across the report …


Such as about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s bad bodyguards. As undeniable as Kushner’s qualifications about peace in the Middle East are, he and Ivanka’s poor reputation among employees is undeniable.

For example, his bodyguards were strictly prohibited from using one of the toilets in Washington’s Kushner mansion (Loriot: “Washroom, Mr. Bloom, Washroom!”).

According to the Washington Post, cubicles such as the Dixie Toilet had to be purchased for Secret Service officers – until the toilet room was rented in the basement of a private house in the neighborhood. For $ 3,000 per month.


Or the story of Brenda the Sheep.

In Scotland, a delightful picture book is given to preschoolers. It is about a wolf who feels a desire to be a sheep and also dresses as one. Moral: Today everyone can decide who or what he is.

The Sunday Times columnist Rod Liddle said dryly: “I’m looking for the sequel ‘Brenda is hungry.”

BILD columnist Alexander von SchoenbergPhoto: Sebastian Karadasho / Karadasho Media


My favorite story?

One about the Austrian title addiction. The Viennese “Kurière” reports that the craving for the titles of our neighbors is so high that business is flourishing with false academic degrees.

You have to pay 20,000 euros for a doctorate at the Hohe Warte Study Center in Vienna. They then attract it through any Eastern European university.

understanding! A language with so much “kiss your hand” and cannot go without a title “respect.”

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