JK Rowling to publish new children’s book

JK Rowling to publish new children's book

JK Rowling continued to write and, after him Icababog And saga Harry potter, Scottish continues to darken pages for children. Gallimard Junici has announced the publication of the author’s new children’s novel entitled Christmas pig (Le Cochon de Noël’s literal but final French title is coming). The worldwide release of this book is scheduled for Tuesday. 12 October 2021.

Christmas pig Remembers the adventures of a young boy willing to do anything to find
His favorite toy “, describes the publishing house in a press release. It is an unpublished novel that has no connection with JK Rowling’s previous works, and especially the Wizarding world, which made him and his fortune famous. The aim of the new novel will be on children From the age of 8 years. Christmas pig It will also be featured with nine black and white double-pages and signed lights Jim field ()Diapers and rabbits), The artist awarded several awards.

The cover will be unveiled in a few months, promising the publisher who published this quick synopsis: “Jack is very involved with his little boy’s Cuddly Pig, with whom he has always shared everything, good times and Bad time. Until the eve of this Christmas when disaster strikes: the pig is lost. But Christmas Eve is a night like no other. It is a night of miracles and desperate causes, where all
Objects can come to life – even toys. Jack’s Brand New Rococo – The
Christmas Pig, Rude Replacement – So imagine a plan of the most daring…
Together, they embark on a magical adventure, which has been done to find
Lost – and best friend Jack had ever survived … “

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