Kate Middleton wears the hottest sweater of the moment with amazing ease

Kate Middleton porte le pull le plus tendance du moment avec une facilité déconcertante

It is clear that spring is not really here yet. And since temperatures are struggling to exceed fifteen degrees at the end of April, sweaters are always in order. To make sure to stay warm and stylish, Kate Middleton definitely has the key.

Kutj chic

On 27 April, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge officially departed for Durham towards Durham, as it was in the countryside between sheep and tractors. There, George, Charlotte and Louis’s mom, who was just 3, opted for a beautiful Fair Isle sweater, tucked under a park to withstand the North East England weather.

This jacquard patterned knit takes its name from a small Scottish island. The craftsmanship of this windscape rock region of the Shetland Islands was most popularized by the Dundee of Princess of Wales: Edward VIII. to become must have From any cupboard sad The self-respecting, Fair Isle sweater was made popular by legendary brands such as Ralph Lauren before it was adopted by young celebrities such as singer Harry Styles. Kate Middleton, once again betting on London brand Brora x Troy, dropped out of the game. Used to reuse their outfits, the Duchess wore this iconic piece on December 7, 2020, on the occasion of the duo train tour. .

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