King of Thailand puts second wife behind bars: the reason is surprising

King of Thailand puts second wife behind bars: the reason is surprising

He recently released her from prison and is now behind bars, the Thai king’s second wife. What did he do this time?

The king of Thailand and his second wife Sinneet ‘Koi’ Wongwajirapakdi no longer leave each other. After they already Spent some time behind bars for “King’s Infidelity” The lover of Maha Vajiralongkorn is enjoying every moment to his side. Be in jail

She does everything for him

At the request of her boyfriend, the former nurse has agreed to go back to prison for a very specific reason. At least Scottish journalist Andrew McGregor Marshall, specializing in the Thai royal family, reports:

Wajiralongkorn’s second wife, Sininat ‘Koi’ Wongwajirapakadi, spent six months in jail after he annoyed the king (…) Now he wants to andWazirlongkorn shot a documentary about charitable work with prisoners there.

The king’s mistress gets her hands dirty

Andrew McGregor has posted four photos from his Twitter post. It features Ram X and Seenat ‘Koi’ Vongwajirapakdi. Rani Suthida’s biggest rival was a photo of her digging in the mud like a prisoner.

All this portrays the king and his lover’s commitment to the prisoners. Even the Thai king is asked to set up a committee to improve his living conditions in prison, especially with regard to infrastructure and medical care. A new assignment for second wife Sinneet ‘Koi’ Wongwajirapakadi after he was recently appointed Vice President.

How soon do you change

A few days ago, the Thai king introduced his traditional New Year card. Although Rani Sutida is not in his favor at the ceremony, his second wife is Sinneet ‘Koi’ Wongwajirapakadi.

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On Twitter, Andrew McGregor Marshall interpreted it as “a clear indication that the queen is written off”. Maha Vajralongkorn’s wife did not participate in the year-end celebration.


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