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10 Years “Game of Thrones”: Final Tour of Filming Venues

Have you always wanted to get an overview of the locations of “Game of Thrones”? Then you are here. Re-Reporter introduces you to filming locations around the world – including a map.

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Exactly 10 years ago, the first episode of “Game of Thrones” aired on HBO in the US. From April to May 2019, the last season of the series flickered on screen. Where exactly was it filmed for, you ask yourself? The travel reporter will tell you.

Overview Map: “Game of Tron” locations

We present filming locations in Croatia, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Spain, Malta and Morocco – in our XXL observation map you can see which scene was filmed where.

Northern Ireland: Game of Thrones filming locations

Northern Ireland plays a huge role in all seasons of Game of Thrones. The hard green landscape is perfect to represent the North, the residence of the Starks.

One of the most famous streets in Northern Ireland, Dark Hedges, also becomes a film set in the series. There it is known as “King’s Road”. Arya, one of the main characters, runs away from the palace with Yoren from the night watch.

Charming Beech Alley Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland.

In addition, many interior scenes from Northern Ireland have been filmed at Belfast’s Titanic Studios.

Spain: Filming location for “Game of Thrones”

In Spain, filming took place in several locations across the country: from Barcelona on the Gaztelugatex peninsula from the north to Seville and Almeria in the south. Scenes from seasons five, six and seven in particular were filmed here.

For example, Osuna Bullring was shot for a long time for the fifth season finale: this is where Miren’s slave fight takes place.

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Stearkampferrena in Osuna.

Malta: filming location for “Game of Thrones”

Many scenes were filmed on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Three examples:

While the thousand-year-old city of Medina was perfectly friendly, City Gate can be seen as the gate to King’s Landing in the first season of “Game of Thrones”.

Madina Gate in Malta. In the series, after Brann is attacked, Kellyn and Roderick cross the gate with their horses

Fort Ricasoli, a 17th-century fortress, was built on a rocky outpost in Malta by order of Malta. Scenes around the Red Keep’s Gate were filmed.

The famous Azure window collapsed in 2017 – before, Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo’s wedding was filmed there.

Morocco: filming location for “Game of Thrones”

In Morocco, most scenes were filmed around the lives of dragon queen deaneries and slaves. Especially in seasons three and five, viewers get to see the surrounding.

Ait-ben-Haddou, for example, is used as the backdrop for the city of Yunkai, the smallest town in Slave Bay, as well as the largest free city of Pentos. In the series, Daenerys begins her journey through Essos there.

Fun Fact: The large gate in front of At-Ben-Haddou is fake and made of wood, styrofoam and synthetic resin.

Iceland: Filming location for “Game of Thrones”

With its volcanoes and frozen landscape, Iceland is perfect for photographing the land north of the wall. But Hot Springs, known for Iceland, has also been integrated – for example in the love scene between Ygritte and John in season three, which was filmed in Grozotagja Cave.

Croatia: Filming location for “Game of Thrones”

From the second season Königsmond (King’s Landing) was transferred from Malta to Croatia. The historic old city of Dubrovnik is surrounded by stone walls and dramatic cliffs, making it ideal for the capital of seven states.

Dubrovnik has the Red Keep in the Lavryagenac Fort series. Here, for example, King Joffre celebrates his name day, and Cersei demonstrates his power here with the famous “Power is Power” quote.

Festung Lavrijenack in Dubrovnik.

Scotland: Filming location for “Game of Thrones”

There is actually only one set of fantasy series in Scotland. This is Castle Doune, better known as the Winterfell Fortress in the series.

Doune Castle on the Teeth River, known through the Monty Python film The Knights of the Coconuts, Callander, Perthshire, Central, Scotland, Great Britain, Europe iblgiv03802245.jpg The castle on the river called the Monty Python film The Ritter The Coconut Perthshire Central Known through Scotland UK Europe iblgiv03802245 JPG Image / Imagebroker

Note to editors: This text first appeared on April 9, 2019. We updated it in April 2021.

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