Laugh Flick (FC Bayern): “I trust Christian to do everything” – a completely new candidate traded!

Laugh Flick (FC Bayern):

In the first leg of the first leg against Lazio Rome, Bayern laid the foundation for the quarter-finals. Before the second leg, Hansi flicks a press conference.

  • FC Bayern have a leg up in the quarter-finals of the Champions League *.
  • On Wednesday in the second leg, Lazio will be a guest at the Allianz Arena.
  • Hansi Flick also talked about a potential national coach on PK.

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2:29 pm.: That’s it! A lot in this press conference with Hansi flicks. As expected, he no longer comments on the rumors surrounding him. To that end, TV expert Marcel Reif recently brought Freiburg coach Christian Streech into the game – could they be national coaches? Flick: “I trust Christian to do everything.”

Manuel Neuer and Kingsley Coman are also ill. And Flick let it be known that one or the other star might not want to be released internationally. The most important statement to read in the ticker.

Press conference in Live Ticker: Prank as National Coach? Neuer and Koman injured? International game without Bayern stars?

2:27 pm.: Flick about the words of praise from Thomas Muller on Instagram to Lucas Hernández: “Everyone has a good sense of what is important to the team. Thomas in particular. I really enjoy watching something like this. This is important to the team process. They make sure everyone has their own stage – which was a very good action by Thomas, indicating that the team remains intact. “

2:26 pm.: Flick about the turbulence in the national coach discussion: “When I started, there was a lot of unrest here. Every day it was about a potential different head coach. Nevertheless, we were successful in focusing on sports. There are always many subjects in Bayern Munich. Teams and coaching teams are always focused on the game. ”

2:25 pm: Flick the prank as a potential national coach (TV expert Marcel Riff brought him to the last game): “I trust Christian to do everything. He has great quality, he has an idea of ​​how he wants to play football – so I believe he will do everything.

2:23 pm.: Flick about the potential expansion of Boateng: “I was not discussed about this at the moment. I cannot comment on that. Jerome has done very well in the last few matches, so you have to include Hernandez, Davis and Paward. “

2:22 pm.: Broom again about a possible new failure: “Still no trend, they did a little indoor training. We still have about 30 hours left, so a lot can still develop – even at Kingsley Common. . we have to wait.”

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2:21 pm.: Flick about the National Coaching Office: “I have said everything about this subject. But nothing has changed for me. I do not comment on this subject. “

FC Bayern Munich: FCB stopping international travel?

2:19 pm.: Flick about upcoming internationals and seconds: “We haven’t decided anything yet. Kathleen Kruger does that for us she is in contact with players, associations and officials. We do not take any chances. We want players to come back to training and play when they come back. David Alaba’s first game is in Scotland, so he may not be there. But we still have to clarify everything. If a player has to go into quarantine, the club is allowed to make an impact and not leave the players. The countdown has started for us, we need all the players. ‘

2:17 pm.Flick about Dantas: “Tiago is progressing. This was a project I wanted to tackle. I expected him to play a few more games including U23. Now the focus is with us. If there is a chance, he will be given minutes. ”

2:17 pm.: Flick about possible Nübel clauses whether he needs to play the game. “No. No. I don’t know any clauses, I don’t know the players’ contract. I have to decide who will play or not. I won’t let myself be persuaded either.

At 2:16.: Explain the AstraZeneca vaccination: “I am confident. If offered, it will be safe. At the moment I do not need to worry about it because it has been stopped. “

Bayern: Neer and Koman killed before Lezio game

2.15 pm.: Flick about Nair and Koman: “We excluded Manuel and Kingsley. Manu has a slight cold, Kingsley has a muscle problem. We hope both will be on board tomorrow. But we have to wait for the night, then we decide tomorrow morning. ‘

2:13 pm.: Bayern Koch is here. How different is FC Bayern compared to the previous CL season? “The difference is not very big. Sure, we once had a small performance slowdown. But the game against Lazio, the second half against Frankfurt – you can be satisfied with it. It is our objective to replicate these services. “

2:11 pm.: This is from Leroy Sane. The Laugh Flick is coming soon – what does that say about the line-up? New and Koman on the bench?

FC Bayern: Live Ticker press conference before Lazio game – Sane talks about his new rhythm

At 2:09 pm.: Sane on his defensive work: “I had to do that in the city, that too in Schalke – everybody expected the same from me. It’s nothing new now. I have now found my rhythm and have strength in sports. I know What makes my game stronger. My defensive work is also a part of that. “

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2:08 pm: Sane in the upcoming international matches: “We all know that the schedule is tough. But I come from the English League. Such a rhythm is almost normal. But now the Champions League and Stuttgart are important over the weekend. We focus on that. “

At 2:07 pm.: How important is the Champions League for Sane? “This is one of my big goals for every footballer. So it is very important for me that we play a good game tomorrow. “

At 2:06 pm.Sane on the comparison between Guardiola and Flick: “They are different, but both want you to dominate the game. The goal is always to bring one’s own strength. “

2:04 pm: San on strong competition with Gennabri and Koman: “We all play very well on and off the pitch. Everyone knows they have to be fast. That can make us better.”

At 2:03 pm.: Sane on the national coach’s question: “I have not spoken to my Bayern colleagues whether Hansi will be the national coach. Let others discuss it. We are focused on the player Bayern. “

at 2 pm.: We are eagerly waiting for Hansi Flick and Leroy San. The winger is likely to start. And let’s go! Bayern Star is here.

“In the beginning you always have to know automatisms. For me it was more difficult at first because I had no rhythm. I had to find it again, “when he asks if he has changed in the meantime.” It’s been a while now. I keep feeling better and better. I have more time to get to know Automatisms and the team Was. That’s why I’ve been watching lately. “

FC Bayern Munich without Lezio with Neer and Koman?

1.57 pm.: It is very possible that the Laugh Flick will drop one or the other star against Lazio Rome before a tense week with international matches, the Bundesliga final spart and of course the Champions League’s hottest stage. Kingsley Common is also to be explicitly granted leave.

1:49 pm.: Alexander Nubel in goal, Manuel Nair on the bench! In fact this scenario is indicated before the second leg of the Champions League round of 16. The laughter flick will reveal more in an instant.

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Update from March 16, 1:18 pm.) Less than 45 minutes before the second leg of the 16th round of the Champions League, Hansie Flick and Leroy Sanne are expected to attend the press conference. What do they say? Flick may also announce an astonishing early XI change. Training is said to have begun without Manuel Neuer and Kingsley Koman before the game against Lazio. It is quite possible that the two top performers will get a break. After all, not much should happen against the Italians, FCB won the first leg 4–1.

Champions League: FC Bayern is needed against Lazio Rome – PK in Live Ticker

First report March 15 to 4.37 pm: Munich – FC Bayern * flexed his muscles in Rome. A clear 4: 1 at the Stadio Olympico against Ledo Rome gave the record champions a very comfortable start to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The motto on Wednesday at Allianz Arena is now: Close the sack.

The day before the game, Hansi Flick * answers the reporter’s questions at the press conference. Joachim Löw’s resignation recently gave him some unpleasant questions – the flick tops the list of possible national team coaches. So far he has avoided an apparent rejection, but reacted teasingly to a question before the game against Vader Bremen.

FC Bayern: PK with laughter flick in live ticker – will Mussila get another chance?

There may be rotation in the starting XI against Lazio, although Flick is generally cautious in this regard. Youngster Jamal Musial can play in the first leg. The use of David Alaba, strongly represented in Bremen by Lucas Hernández, is unclear.

Video: Enzgi in front of Bavaria – Immobile will meet again

Otherwise there are no major injury concerns. It seems that the Cup-Aus Munich does well, with the team appearing in top form at Weserstadion after a week break. The goal is to get the most out of the remaining two competitions. Is this enough to protect your title?

FC Bayern: PK in live ticker with laughter flick – Munich want to continue crazy CL series

It is impressive that the team is still unbeaten in the Champions League under Hansi flicks. Bayern were winners in 14 of 15 games, and had a draw in this year’s group stage against Atletico Madrid. Never before has a team put on a series like this in the premier category. (epp) * is a proposal IPPEN.MEDIA


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