Loch Ness monster filmed by a drone?

Loch Ness monster filmed by a drone?

A hiker, a drone pilot, may have captured a new image of Nessie, providing new testimony to the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

The story is in the summer of 2021. Richard Mawr was on the shores of the loch when he took out his drone to film some scenes during his visit. Without realizing it, he may have actually accidentally caught the dark figure floating by the lake last month. It was only after uploading the picture to her YouTube channel that subscribers saw this strange shape underwater.

The peculiar observation was made by Internet users who saw his images on his YouTube channel.

In troubled waters, Internet users have thus seen a mysterious “creature” underwater from an airplane, shared in a previous video. @RichardOutdoors.

This observation follows a series of evidence collected during the summer in the most famous highlands, Five new scenes have been added to the official Loch Ness Monster viewing log.

According to a hiker who participated in a kayak race that day for the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, he said he didn’t notice the unusual shape appearing in the water until subscribers to his channel started commenting on the video.

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