Lons-le-Saunier. Oralene Mourez in the kitchen of a Scottish restaurant

  Lons-le-Saunier.  Oralene Mourez in the kitchen of a Scottish restaurant

Can you tell us a little bit about your basketball past?

“I started playing club basketball late at the age of 10. I have tried many sports before such as football and judo and one day in school we tried basketball with some friends. I immediately bowed down and signed up for the club, where there was a cousin who had already played with me. I continued to play there until I was 15 years old, and my farewell to the hotel school in Polgen put an end to this thrill. With three training sessions per week and one game over the weekend, it was getting complicated to combine the two. But I have incredible memories with the team, trips to Besançon, Pontarial… matches of the GES. It was an amazing experience! “

How did the idea of ​​going to Scotland come?

“So I did 4 years at Hotel School in Polgen, and I worked all over France. I lived in Saint-Martin in less than a year in the Caribbean at the age of 19. When I returned to France, I went to English Or wanted to go abroad to learn Spanish. I sent the CV all over the place and Scotland answered me first. I packed my bag and left in late 2010 “

Since being in Glasgow, I have been able to develop my recipes. What I love is to recreate simple, classic recipes, working on them in a different way.

Tell us what your life is like in Scotland?

“When I arrived, I was a pastry chef for a year in a big hotel and then I worked in many restaurants. I returned for a year in 2015 to work in a restaurant in Montpellier and I left in 2016 where for 4 years I have been a chef at a restaurant near the center of Glasgow. I live in the southern suburbs of Glasgow. “

How is a Scottish person’s daily life with Kovid?

“It’s very complicated. There have been many government announcements with different alert levels. We are currently at Level 3, so the restaurant can open from noon to 6 pm to serve customers and we provide take-out meals in the evening But we will go to level 4 from December 26 and we have to close. We will only take food from May 26 to 31 for customers who have already ordered. “

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