Macaulay poses with Kulkin in Home Alone 2 Face Mask and the internet goes wild

Macaulay poses with Kulkin in Home Alone 2 Face Mask and the internet goes wild

Through the creative use of facial masks, actor Mau Kaul has recreated Kalkin’s iconic Home Alone 2 movie poster.

Taking to social media on Wednesday, Kulkin gave his followers face-to-face wear and shared a photo of himself in a very recognizable pose.

The face mask illustrates the classic Home Alone: ​​Lost in New York poster, featuring a young Kulkin panting and holding his face in his hands.

Kulkin, 40, shared the photo on Instagram, urging his followers to wear PPE.

He joked, “Just stay covid-safe by wearing my little self-burning skin.”

“Kids, don’t forget to wear your mask.”

Actress Natalie Portman writes: Many famous faces with “many good Macs” praised Kulkin’s hilarious use of masks.

Kulkin’s girlfriend and fellow actor Brenda Song wrote: “Anyone who thought of putting the LEGO Empire State Building behind them is a genius! Yes yes yes. Hehehe. ”

Macaulay is best known for his role in the 1990 Christmas film Home Alone and its 1992 sequel, in which he played a former teenager, Kevin McCluster.

After a break from acting, Kulkin will return to the screen soon with a role in the upcoming 10th season of American Horror Story. That series will work with veterans Sarah Paulson, Lily Rebe and Evan Peters.

Kulkin was also recently seen in Seth Green’s 2019 film Changeland and the Hulu series Dolphface.

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