‘Midnight Sky’ and George Clooney’s Big Deal as a Director

'Midnight Sky' and George Clooney's Big Deal as a Director

Take a look at any collection of reviews Midnight Sky, the seventh feature behind the cameras of actor George Clooney (2020) Based on the novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton (2016), to see that the conditions about it are diverse. There is no unanimous opinion among professionals in the field, even if things are disallowed, perhaps a little exaggerated on a case by case basis. And yet, the argument that is made against him is not nonsense. But the American never hid his flaws, and in the rest of his filmography We can see the main flaw in his work as a filmmaker..

In the seven films directed by George Clooney, it is clear that he mastered cinematic grammar, but fails to infringe on real strength throughout the composition.

George Clooney has starred in films such as Ocean XI, Solaris (Steven Soderbergh, 2001, 2002), Michael Clayton (Tony Gilroy, 2007) or Gravity (Alphonso Curonen, 2013). At the same time, he combined his interpretive activity with the attainment of seven others, and six of them A relevant role has been reserved. Only in the midnight sky. And it shows that he dominates cinematic grammar. We can say that actors generally do things well in this direction. But they generally do not dominate them because they have only been pulled from the corner of their eye into the trenches of the shoot.

Midnight Sky George Clooney Tests NetflixNetflix

Force don’t go go with George Clooney

George Clooney’s biggest problem is different: he fails to infect real strength throughout the structure. And this shows him in seven of his films, from entertaining entertainment to Dangerous Minds (2002), to the interesting but overrated Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), Funny Ale Ist La Fight (2008), the troubling March (2011) Wally Los Aids, The Smooth the Monuments Men (2014), the futile black proto-comedy Suburban (2017), even with one, Midnight Sky Vague remains, between some hope and someone, that his story leaves us.

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There is no effective excitement in Midnight Sky, we don’t sympathize too much with the characters, it doesn’t give us any chills or jolt.

Here, too, he is unable to give the images of this apocalypse an effective vigor, and that they really excite us, not to hypnotize us. Therefore, we do not have much sympathy with most of the characters, nor does it give us any cold or real shock when it is needed. But Midnight Sky is not tedious, as many have claimed overblown and inappropriate reviews. good It lacks permanent narrative interest and its editingWith the help of Alexandre Desplat’s expressive soundtrack (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Always guarantees acceptable speed.

Midnight Sky George Clooney Tests NetflixNetflix

Take off at the end

The cast cannot be held responsible for what went wrong in Midnight Sky. None of the artists shine, but each one of them conforms. Sully Rambshire as Sean Felicity Jones (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Maya Peters as David Oyelowo (The Last King of Scotland) or Tom Adewole as Damien Gichir (The Eight) and Tiffany Boon (The Hunters) . Disgusted as Sanchez), Kyle Chandler (King Kong) as Michelle, and Rocky Kaolin Springle as Iris. And George Clooney certainly embraces his desperate Doctor Augustine Lofthouse.

But the final section has a certain spatial charm, tension and genuine uneasiness and sentimentality that was needed.

In addition to this, In the latter half of the film, the director goes slightly beyond the boundaries of his composition and improves the dramatic weight.. There is a certain attraction in the eye that one sees the spacewalk. And the last part of its sequence causes tension in our muscles and Frank changes our position in the seat of discomfort. And, when the twist ends with Midnight Sky, we should open our eyes, we should not strike with the force that it undoubtedly does is to convey the feeling that was needed. Some have reported without melodramatic apathy. how difficult.

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Midnight Sky George Clooney Tests NetflixNetflix

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