Montpellier. Former player Moe.

Le président de Montpellier, Mohed Altrad, en prend pour son grade de la part de Johnnie Beattie.
The president of Montpellier, Mohammed Ultrad, takes it from Johnny Beatty for his rank. (© game)

Retired from the fields since 2020, and a final term of three seasons BeyoncéEast third row of XV du Chardon Johnny beatie (35 years old; 38 cap) Today is A. Consultant rugby Hyperactive to various British and French media: BBC, Sky, ITV, Canal +, BT, Canal 4 or even Amazon Prime Video. At the same time, he also co-presented the “Le French Rugby Podcast” with Hooker, a former French international. Benjamin Saffron.

But it is in another medium, pure player “The XV Rugby” that it feeds chronicles and very salty mood stamps. The last of them, entitled ” Beware of money“, Is related to this type of drifts ‘Rugby Business‘At which he was not particularly known Montpillier, Their first French club after 12 years Glasgow Warriors (Scotland).

“You think our game is pure (…), you could be wrong”

To start his point, John Beatty takes an example of this type Super league Football, “the style of which was launched so explosively and retracted so laxly”. “You might think that such a concept could never emerge in rugby.” Our game is very pure and dignified Can it be tainted in this way and that money can never be distorted nor can it be accepted so harshly? », He asks himself before making the announcement:

You may be wrong … (…) Rugby now needs investment, perhaps more than ever, over which we control.

Johnny beatieEast Scottish International Third Line

“In France, presidents have full power but know nothing about rugby”

To support his performance, the former-3 professional line recounts the various experiences in which he was Top 14 : ” see her France, Where I spent 8 years playing and where I still live today. The presidents of the clubs here have full power. They decide how the entire operation is performed. In general, Those men Very successful in business, but Don’t know anything about rugby. There are some amazing presidents out there, but they are massively annoyed by the characters looking for even more money to promote their grand bank balances – like those in fame, notoriety, and even ESL. “

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Before going to the heart of the case, citing his adventure as an example MontpillierFrom 2012 to 2014, under a definite order Fabian Guthy, But above all patrons, Mohammad ultra :

When I was playing for Montpellier, club owner Mohammed Altrad parked one of his supercars, including three Lamborghins, outside the training ground. He also had a formidable watch collection, and coordinated the colors of his Ostantius Watch strap with his car of the day. The former England international center, Shontane Hepp, was orbiting the Lambo around the parking lot.

Johnny beatieMontpellier’s East Third Row

And to continue to openly criticize the way management and acting Mohammad ultra. “Often the president’s PAP talks in the locker room were one Brutal experience. They (Chairman, Editor’s Note) will embarrass the players in the performance. For them, this is Purely business«.

Without forgetting the attitude of the president of Castres, Pierre-yves revol, Who was his employer from 2014 to 2016 Tarn. The president of Castres entered the players’ room and discussed the team before the match. No one could stop it. This notion is insane. »And to conclude:« If you think Altrad, Boudjellal and others did not ‘kiss’ the top 14 salary-caps during most of the decade, you were born last rain … “Not sure Appreciating this release of Beatty that is the various main characters…

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