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Cain Dunder: “This verdict is another sign that Erdogan is losing power”

Turkish journalist Cain Dunder was sentenced to more than 27 years in prison on Wednesday. He was convicted of a terrorist group and espionage, published in 2015 by Turkey’s secret services to investigate arms deliveries to Syria. Exiled in Germany since 2016, the journalist was sentenced to 5 years and ten months in prison four years ago for revealing state secrets. The conviction was then overturned by the High Court to conduct a second trial, where it took more risk. RFI: Are you surprised by this sentence, heavier than 2016 Dandy Can: Nothing surprises me more, coming from Turkey. There is no independent justice now, it depends entirely on the government. Erdogan’s anger has increased so much because of this investigation that he wants to put maximum pressure on the judges. Because this investigation was about Turkish secret services selling weapons to jihadists in Syria. It was an operation set up by Erdogan, an illegal operation, and he is afraid of being pressured by the international community, or even by international justice. So they said that it was a conspiracy against them, and by punishing me they want to show the results to all journalists that they risk if they do this type of investigation. Unfortunately today no one can do this type of reporting in Turkey. On the other hand, it is a sign of weakness: it shows that he is afraid of independent media, and he cannot face the survey that tells the truth. He knows that this is true, he cannot say otherwise, all he can do is try to stamp the “top secret” on the report and try to punish the journalist by accusing him of being a detective. Does Turkey still have independent media? Yes, but apparently they are working under very harsh conditions. Some of them are in jails, others have to go to court every day. And if you tweet or retweet something against the government, in the morning you can find the police outside your door… so this is a very difficult time for Turkish media. Turkey is now the world’s second largest prison for journalists after China. You say that this decision is a sign of weakness on the part of Recep Tayyip Erdogan: the next election will be in 2023, do you think the President will remain in power? I don’t think he will be in power at that time either. All the polls show that she is losing power, this decision is yet another sign. And I think the opposition is now strong enough to beat him, and he knows this: In the local elections he lost Istanbul and all the big cities, and now he is afraid of losing Turkey. The opposition is insisting on early elections, and I think Turkey will quickly get rid of this terrible nightmare. But he will do everything to prevent early elections, and to manipulate them. It is for this reason that he creates an international crisis to gain power. This is why Turkey has problems with the Mediterranean, in Azerbaijan, in Syria, in Europe, especially with France. So he tries to continue these fair fight to remain strong in the country, it is all internal politics. But financially, politically, it is the lowest since staying in power for the last twenty years. of addition Listen: Debate of the day – Turkey: Europeans and Westerners united against Erdogan? Are you in exile? Germany for four years, can you still do your job as a journalist Yes, more than ever. It was impossible for me to do this in Turkey. But here I can speak, write, make films, make documentaries. And I try to support the opposition in Turkey and give a voice to those who do not have one. Therefore, we will try our best to get our country out of this darkness and bring democracy back.

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