Movies, TV: It’s Filming in Brittany!

Movies, TV: It's Filming in Brittany!

“Les Trois Mosquitiers” in Saint-Malo (35), “Plancha” in Nevez (29), the next work on the adventures of Commissioner Dupin in Concarneau (29) soon … Casting announcements are booming and in Brittany Filming is going on. Is the trend looking good for audio-visual production in the region? We asked a few pros the question.

help with movies

In favor of Bretagne Cinema, Regional AgencyDelphine Jaune, responsible for hosting the shoot (a service provided for any audiovisual production wishing to shoot in Brittany), confirms this notion. The pandemic and containment abruptly halted all projects for two months in March 2020. But the activity picked up fast. “Films that were ready started shooting, TV channels were in need of content, and in 2019 the sector’s aid fund was increased, helping more films. “

lot of work

We also hear the sound of a bell from the technicians working on the sets. Christoph Inijn is a carpenter and builds sets for filming. At the moment, in Saint-Malo, on two feature films “The Three Musketeers”, he is engaged. “There’s a lot of activity! There are sluggish periods in this business, but this isn’t one of them, that’s for sure!” Among the possible explanations for this rebound: “There’s the advent of platforms, cinema that resumes, on the way.” All Series: Too much work.

More series and TV movies

The painter and decorator Jean-Baptiste Gallo felt the same way. For the professional based in Carantec (29), “There was a major disruption during the first wave. When the second wave came, it was less difficult. And then, after the second wave, it started again. But with some differences. “At my level, I think there are too many series for television, too many TV movies, and less feature films.” He also noted that “Covid means that filming in Eastern and European countries is very serious.” is strictly limited.”

Tracking, General Management… These Businesses Have Been Taken by Storm

“Without a period,” said Muriel Rio, actress and casting director who is currently in retraining, the year 2020 was very impacted, and it quietly resumed. To the extent that there was a shortage of manpower, tracking, general management… these businesses have been taken by storm”.

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On the set of a new episode of the adventures of Commissioner Dupin, in Concarneau (29) (Le Telegram / Olivier Desvo)

Mado Le Fur, in charge of both casting and stage manager, felt like a rollercoaster period. She says: “I was shooting for the film that suddenly stopped. When the shooting resumed last summer, I did a lot of work. And then I had a huge hole for five months where I had no shoots. But there, it started again in March 2021. It’s true that we’re lucky to have a lot of filming done in Brittany this summer. With the assumption that on crisis-linked moratoriums, all projects are completed at the same time. She also notes: “We have more TV movies and series this year than we did before”.

Around thirty shoots in 2021

“In 2020, despite two months of imprisonment, the number of days of filming is as high as 2019, the Delphins eat john. And the year 2021 looks just as good. In any case, the first semester was prosperous. January and June’s Meanwhile, Bretagne Cinemas supported the shooting of five feature films, eight television plays and eight short films. Three feature films, four TV projects (series and singles) and four short films are already in progress or for the second half of the year. The good health of the shoots, amid the closure of cinemas, uncertainties about release dates and more cautious funding, is not enough to address the concerns of professionals about the difficulties facing cinema.

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“in the body”. Cedric Klapish’s new film was shot in January in Plauhrnell and Quiberon (56). It tells the story of an injured classical dancer, consisting of actors Marion Barbeau, Pio Marma and François Civil.

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“tomorrow world”. Director Diestem shot his film “July-August” in 2016 in Penvenen (22). He was back in Rennes, this time in Brittany, for the film “Le monde d’hire” with Lee Drucker, Alban Lenore, Benjamin. Biole and Denis Podalides.

“Surprise Room”. Lisa Azuelos directs Alexandra Lamy in the film, which was partially shot this winter at Camerat (29). “We had to shoot in Scotland. But COVID-19 has turned our plans upside down. So we looked for a place that could evoke the Scottish archipelago of the Shetlands,” explained the director.

Taking advantage of the equipment transport, Lisa Azuelos and Alexandra Lamy question Javier Menesguen about my job as a fisherman.
Alexandra Lamy (in the foreground) and director Lisa Azuelos, with fisherman Javier Menesguen, during the filming of “The Room of Wonders” in Camarat-sur-Mer (29) (Isabelle Pietri)

“Great Magic”. Filmed in the Quimper area in June, Noemi Lvovsky’s new film brings together Denis Podalides, François Morell, Judith Chemla. The plot takes place in a beautiful hotel by the sea in the 1920s.

” iron “. After “Barbecue,” shot at Sevens, here’s “Plancha,” shot this summer in Neves (29). Guillaume de Tonquedec, Lambert Wilson, Jerome Commander, Frank Dubosque, Lionel Abelansky, Sophie Dues share poster.

Shooting is on and more to come

” three Musketeers “. These are two feature films, “D’Artagnan” and “Miladi”, which were shot in Saint-Malo until 13 October. In the cast: Vincent Cassel, Romain Durais, François Civil and Eva Green, but there are plenty of local extras as well.

“Small Victory”. His “Roxanne” was deluded. Breton Melanie Aufret is going to her new feature film with Michelle Blanc in Juch near Dornanes (29) from 20 September.

for tv

This year many TV movies and series were shot in Brittany. Note a new adaptation of “The Island of These Coffins”, shot in Cap-Sizun (29), starring Virginie Ledoun and Charles Berling, which will air next year on France 2; The shooting of new episodes of the series “Perfect Crimes” took place in Venice. ; Or the “Vortex” mini-series that have installed their cameras in Brest and northern Finistre.

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Season 3 of “On Key Air” Is in the Box: We’ll Find It Out Soon tebeo. It should be noted that the German productions should not be carried forward: in the first half of the year a telefilm “Un et en Bretten” was shot, and a new episode of the adventures of Commissioner Dauphin, the fantasy of this Breton policeman, was a German writer. Must see the light of day. Very soon.


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