Musician Sophie Axon dies at just 34 years old

Musician Sophie Axon dies at just 34 years old

Scottish Musicians Sophie xeon 34 years old “after all of a sudden Accident“Died. His management announced this.

Scottish music producer Sophie xeon Died at the age of 34 years. Management confirmed that British “The Guardian”. The singer died suddenly at around four in the morning Accident“at their house Athens, Greece. The statement calls for respecting the privacy of the family. “We also ask our fans to treat the private nature of this message with your respect and sensitivity.”

Sophie xeon Was “a pioneer of a new sound” and was one of the most influential artists of the past decade, the statement continues. Her British label Transactive Records also commented on the tragedy: “True to her spirituality, she climbed up to see the full moon and accidentally slipped and fell. She will always be with us.” Can be read on the website.

Sophie xeon Born in 1986 as Samuel Longoff in Glasgow. In 2013, she released her first single “Nothing More to Say”. The composer was also nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Dance / Electronic Albums” category for his album “Har Moti Ke Un-Inside of Oil” (2018). Also worked Geon With music giants like Madonna (62) and wrote her single “Bitch I’m Madonna” in 2015. Sophie xeon A few years ago confessed to being a trans woman. She lived with her partner Athens.


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