New Netflix series for Benedict Cumberbatch

New Netflix series for Benedict Cumberbatch

Good news for all Benedict Cumberbatch fans. “Sherlock” Star has a new, action-packed thriller series for us: “39 Steps”.
Finally there is a new thriller series with Benedict Cumberbatch. Because the “Sherlock” star is now daring to try another classic: “39 Steps”. After the inclusion of Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix series of the same name since 2010, the actor is now embarking on a new project based on a book. Again, this is about investigation and an action-packed thriller series, as the series is considered ‘loud’tvline.comTo be a remake of “39 Steps”. John Buchan’s book was first filmed in 1935 by none other than Alfred Hitchcock. Now it should shine on the screen again in the modern version. Benedict Cumberbatch will serve as the executive producer of the mini-series. It is currently unknown whether the actor will also appear in front of the camera. This will not be the first time, however, that the “Sherlock” actor takes a role in front of and behind the camera at the same time.

“39 Steps”: This is about Benedict Cumberbatch’s new series

Until now, there is not a lot of information about the new minaret “39 Steps” starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Hitchcock is likely to be based in Scotland based on the feature film and the original book. Here we meet Hane, who is accused of killing a secret agent. He wants to prove his innocence and during his investigation a young woman arrives who wants to uncover a secret spy ring with him. Will they be able to clear his name? Mark L. Smith knows that, because the author of “The Revenant” also wrote the screenplay for “39 Steps”. Benedict Cumberbatch has also brought in a famous “Patrick Melrose” director, Edward Berger, to direct. There is no more information about the artists. Nor which streaming service gets the rights and promising series are allowed to air. However, one great contender is Netflix. We are already very excited and look forward to Benedict Cumberbatch’s “The 39 Steps”.

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