Old Scottish castle takes shape in luxury hotel Théole-sur-Meru

Le maire Georges Botella se réjouit de cette rénovation

The mayor of Théole-sur-Mer, Georges Botella, smiles when asked the question of the origin of this palace: “In the 16th century it was a soap factory. In the 20th century a Scottish master arrived with his entire family. Scottish style restoration, God fell in love with a midwife, so he built the same palace across the road on a hill to stay away from his wife!”

futuristic castle with private beach

A Bordeaux developer is going to turn it into a palace, Luxury Hotels with Interesting Hotels, “The game is worth the candle” The mayor is happy, for whom this private investment of hundreds of millions of euros falls from the sky. This is enough to attract new customers for Theol in this futuristic palace.

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