Once upon a time there was a psychopath on the Scandals podcast

Once upon a time there was a psychopath on the Scandals podcast

podcast- third episode of scandals sinks you back into the sordid Epstein case. Who is this man who was able to rage ruthlessly for so many years? How did he do it?

If this story were a movie, it would be a bad mix between the two The Wolf of Wall Street And American Psycho, In the lead role: Jeffrey Epstein, a New York business magnate, multi-millionaire jet-setter, as brilliant as he is corrupt. You all may have heard about this sordid case: between 1996 and 2005 (from what we know), this man created a vast network of sexual abuse of young girls.

He sexually assaulted her, raped her, promising to offer her an odd job as a masseuse in his properties from Palm Beach to Paris. Also he shared it with his very influential friends. Like many people, we wondered how a man like Jeffrey Epstein lived in anger for so many years without falling into the trap of justice. How and by whom was he protected for so long? Is Epstein’s case just one example of the power-to-power endorsement that is ultimately going on throughout our society? But above all, we tried to know more about him, the man.

in this episode scandals Journalist Marion Galli-Ramonaut dives back into Epstein’s case, and traces the rise and fall of a psychopath.

Follow each other on his microphone:

  • Martin Delvaux, Professor of Literature and author of the essay The Boys ClubOn the network of solidarity among men, which was awarded the Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal in 2020
  • Kirby Somers, author of several books on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Xanthé Mallet, forensic anthropologist, criminologist and Scottish television presenter.
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The episode, titled “Jeffrey Epstein: The Rise and Fall of a Cold-Blooded Predator,” is streaming on all platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Spotify From 4th April 2022.


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