Only 3 kilograms of goal weight during the rebellious Wilson fitness tour

Only 3 kilograms of goal weight during the rebellious Wilson fitness tour

Rebel Wilson breaks his weight loss goals (Photo: Getty)

Rebel Wills began her fitness journey earlier this year, and shared that she is now only 3 kilograms of her target weight.

The newlywed actress announced in January that 2020 would be the ‘Year of Health’ – and stick to her word Going hiking, swimming and boxing.

Ten months later, the 40-year-old fan updated her weight loss while posing in workout gear on top of a hill.

‘Happy Sunday everyone! Standing Ahead for a Great Week x ‘Rebel wrote in the caption.

‘It was super busy this week, but I got super early in the morning several times (at am) and went overboard … did some 100m sprints to make my heart beat even higher (although my “sprint” was probably someone else’s “slow jog”) Is) ”). ‘

He added: ‘I feel proud of myself and now I am only 3 kg away from my target weight! Rib x ‘

Rebel Wilson

She is only 3 kg from her target weight (Photo: Instagram)

Rebel – that is Dating entrepreneur Jacob Bush, 29 – opened up about his weight loss plans back in January.

Sharing a series of photos of herself posing on the beach, she explained: ‘Okay so for me, 2020 will be called the “Year of Health.”

‘So I put on an atlaser and went for a walk, just hydrated in bed and tried to avoid the sugar and junk food that I just did after the holidays, but it would be harder, but I go. Do it! ‘

He added: ‘Who is with me in making some positive changes this year?’

The Pitch Perfect star had previously revealed that after being paid by movie officials to stay on the big weight, she has a complex relationship with her body image.

He told The Sun: ‘I had a job where I was paid a lot to grow up, what a little mess in your head at the time.

‘I also turned 40 in March and so I thought, this year would be just for me to focus on health benefits.

‘It’s not that I want to lose weight and get close to a certain number. It’s more about dealing with why I overeat. ‘

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