Outlander season 6 gets fewer episodes

Outlander season 6 gets fewer episodes

The fifth season of the fantasy series Outlander is currently very popular on Netflix. But even those who are going through the current season have reason to rejoice. Because the series was extended to two seasons. We also have early information about Season 6.

In “Outlander,” protagonist Claire Randall accidentally travels from 1945 to 1745. Seeing no other way, she tries to adapt. His history allows him to do this well, but his medical skills make him questionable. She is quickly dubbed a witch and has to run away. To avoid further persecution, she marries a Scottish warrior. In the following seasons, different time travels are made and Claire is faced with a decision. Does it live in the past or does it return to its old life?

The fantasy series now has five seasons. The fifth was recently released on Netflix. But fans of the series didn’t need long for the current season’s twelve episodes. Logically, many have already passed and are now eagerly waiting for Season 6.

Luckily for the fans, it is already confirmed and in progress. Unfortunately, there is also bad news. Due to filming restrictions, Season 6 will be unusually short. Only eight episodes are produced. But the makers want to compensate for this in two ways. On one hand the first episode of the sixth season will be of 90 minutes and on the other hand the seventh season, which has already been ordered, will have a total of 16 episodes.

So fans of the series don’t have to worry about losing anything. The sixth season is expected to release in early 2022, with the seventh likely to be released a year later.


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