Outlander: Why did Jamie see Claire as a ghost?

Outlander: Why did Jamie see Claire as a ghost?

At the beginning of Outlander, Jamie Claire appeared as a ghost. Was he going to her just to protect herself? We will tell you the most exciting fan theory.

Outlander: Why did Jamie Claire appear as a ghost?

Outlander: Why did Jamie Claire appear as a ghost? (Source: Themoviedb.org)

  • Many fan theories revolve around the ghost Jamie.
  • Jamie is said to have called Claire herself the day she died.
  • Another theory is based on the eternal time cycle.

Characters such as Claire Fraser in the Starz hit series “Outlander” travel from the 20th century to the 18th century – and later return again. But before Claire first goes back in time, Jamie’s twentieth-century ghost emerges in the first episode of “Outlander”.

To date it is unclear why 25-year-old Jamie Fraser appears as a ghost in the 20th century, according to the book’s author, Diana Gabaldon. Gabaldon also revealed that the series of his novels would end at that very moment and explain Jamie’s sentiment.

So, of course, there are many fan theories about the ghost Jamie and its meaning. One of them says that Jamie only appeared as a ghost because he wanted to summon Claire so that he could go back in time and save her.

Fans believe Jamie would have been killed by a redcoat at the age of 25. That’s why Ghost is such a young version of Jamie and not Jamie’s age around season 5.

Jamie is believed to have died on the same day that Claire traveled back in time. In this way, Jamie’s mind could have benefitted from the mighty power that Craig na Dun possessed that day and traveled through time. Jamie did not die just because of Claire’s warning.

Theory 2: Jamie and Claire are in an eternal time warp

Another exciting theory is that “Outlander” may end at a time warp. Jamie and Claire would then experience their common fate again and again – albeit with a different outcome!

Sci-fi nerds will know the theory described here from other fictional works: A journey through time creates a new timeline and thus a slightly modified version of our reality. Had it been the case with “Outlander”, Jamie and Claire would have had different versions of the common story: once, as seen in the series, they could not prevent the Scottish Highlanders’ defeat at Couloden.

But then, according to the Time Loop Theory, there will be Other results of this story as wellFor example, in which Scottish rebels win in Kaloden. Jamie and Claire could then live happily in Lallybroch and their daughter Briana would be born there in the past.

Does Claire and Jamie’s story start again and again?

According to this theory, Claire and Jamie’s time warp will be repeatedly “set in motion” by Jamie’s mind. This appears at the time of “Reset” – similar to the characters in the Netflix hit “Dark”, who have to do certain things again and again to get the time loop up again. If you take this idea further, the books of Diana Gabaldon and the series “Outlander” will be just one version of the events of Claire and Jamie’s Loop!

“Outlander” Season 6 is currently being re-filmed

Ultimately, however, the end of author Diana Gabaldon’s book series “The Highland Saga” will only know if all of this is actually true. First, fans of “Outlander” can look forward to the upcoming 6th season of the series, for which filming has resumed! There are also new details for the upcoming issue that promise exciting love adventures.

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