Patrick Mollard’s bagpipe, between the Scottish Moore and Jazz festivals

Patrick Mollard's bagpipe, between the Scottish Moore and Jazz festivals

Breton platform KuB is currently presenting a documentary on Breton bagpiper Patrick Mollard, the heir to a legendary dynasty of Scottish ringers. An opportunity to discover a little-known instrument and its history.

The natives of Saint-Malo, Patrick mollard One of the great representatives of traditional Breton music, one of the world experts in the bagpipe and the folklore “Pibroch” of the Scottish Highlands.

The story of this musician has been the subject of a very beautiful subject Document, Which is also currently available for free on the KuB platform, Breton. The film runs for an hour, is called “L’Or des Mac Crimon” and was directed by Gerard Elle. It is a journey in the form of a portrait that will delight lovers of Scotland and which will change their minds about the bagpipe, which is often limited to a device, if not a witty, harsh in any case, even That unpleasant too.

Thus we discover the story of Patrick Mollard, who, as a teenager, found himself in the bagpipe of Celtic music and a vocation for wind instruments, which naturally took him to the country where Mushroom The king is… in Scotland, more accurately in the north of Scotland.

There, in the dense fog of the Isle of Skye, he made a surprising, unexpected discovery, to say the least: he was said to be a descendant of Mac Crimon, the great lord of Pibroch, a great dynasty of bagpipe ringers. As if written… Proud of this heritage, Patrick Mollard is one of the rare composers today capable of understanding manuscripts and teaching this music, each piece of which is often associated with a legend. The documentary shows us an artist focused on The traditionBut also towards Creation As he runs his bagpipe in contemporary jazz.

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“L’Or des Mac Simone” is also a beautiful declaration of love for nature, the Scottish Moore, in this case, a source of inspiration for nature, musicians and bagpipe ringers, who play in the open air and whose envelope harmonies merge , With the sound of the wind, ultimately more sensual than sharp.


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