Prime TV audience March 26, 2021: “Koh-Lanta” or “France – Scotland”? Who won the battle?

  Prime TV audience March 26, 2021:


Prime TV audience March 26, 2021. This morning you are probably wondering who won the hearing battle of the first part of Friday evening? New episode “Koh-Lanta” or rugby match “France – Scotland”? Here is the answer…

TF1 screenshot


Well this is France 2 and “France – Scotland” rugby match. The Blues defeat was followed by 7 million supporters or 29.2% of the people who chose to spend their Friday evening in front of a small skylight. Peak at 7.65 million at the end of the meeting.

Prime TV Audience March 26, 2021: Other Channels

We then find TF1 with episode 3 of “Koh-Lanta: Secret Weapons” … Verdict: 4.94 million adventurers met for an average 20.9% audience share for the general public.


Note, however, excellent performances at Target, especially for young and female audiences. For example 51% for 4-10 year olds or 48.8% for 4-14 year olds.

France 3 saw or reviewed by 3.79 million viewers with a rebodcast of the TV movie “Crime in the Luberan” and completed the podium with an average audience share of 14.2%.

In replays mode, the M6’s “NCIS” didn’t weigh too much in balance with only 1.93 million fans (PDA 7.3%)

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Arte completed the top 5 with the film “The Princess of Montpensier” paying tribute to Bertrand Tavernier. Worn by Melanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson and Gaspard Ull, it has been seen or rechecked by 896,000 people (3.5% of PDAs).

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